Beowulf Parallel Computing Computers

The word 'beowulf' refers to a class of parallel computers. A Beowulf-class computer is a cluster computer composed of bare-bones computers (generally cheap ones, containing only a processor, memory, and a network card) connected with fast networking. Special system software allows all the individual computers in the cluster to work together efficiently. Beowulfs were developed as a cheap alternative to buying a monolithic supercomputer, and can be put together from generally accessible parts.

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The Beowulf Project* - History of Beowulf development, network drivers, software, documentation, papers, and links to other resources and cluster sites.

  • Scalable Cluster Environment - A set of interoperable opensource tools that enable computers users to build and use Beowulf cluster effectively computers to solve their problems. It consist of a computers cluster builder tool, complex system management tool (SCMS), computers scalable real-time monitoring, Web base monitoring
  • Parallel Processing Using Linux - Discussion of Linux clusters, SMP, and links to computers Beowulf sites.
  • The Beowulf Archives - Mailing list for Beowulf discussion.
  • Sequence Analysis on a 216-Processor Beowulf Cluster - Paper about constructing a Beowulf for bioinformatics research.[PDF]
  • Flat Neighborhood Networks - A network topology designed to minimize latency in beowulf clusters of beowulf PCs.
  • Scyld ClusterWare - A Linux distribution with modifications for clustering. computers Product information and vendor list.
  • Linux Terminal Server Project - Documentation and installation scripts to make a Linux cluster of thin clients in an educational environment.
  • FAI - Automated system for installing Debian on PC clusters. Documentation and parallel computing source available.
  • OSCAR - A bundle of software for making Linux clusters. Source code, hardware notes, and documentation.
  • Project AppleSeed - How to make a cluster from Apple computers. parallel computing parallel computing Papers, benchmarks, and software for distributing jobs parallel computing across a parallel computing cluster.
  • ClusterNFS - Patches to NFS to permit diskless clients to mount a computers root filesystem. Source code and documentation.

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