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This category is for home pages of Beowulf clusters. Most of these are located at universities and research institutions, but some are personal projects, with cluster sizes ranging from three nodes to thousands of nodes.

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  • Kamadhenu - Cluster at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre beowulf for parallel computing Advanced Scientific Research in beowulf Bangalore, India. Configuration parallel computing details, installation notes, benchmarks, beowulf and pictures.
  • DeepFlow Alpha Cluster - Specifications, information for users, how to use the cluster sites scheduler, parallel computing pictures, and research information.
  • Comyc - At the University of Heidelberg. Users guide, documentation, status, and beowulf configuration details.
  • Nuredduna - At the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies. Cluster description beowulf and pictures.
  • Laboratory for Advanced Computing in the Mathematical Sciences - At the University of Bristol. Cluster specifications beowulf and information about research.
  • Aeneas Supercomputer - At the University of California at Irvine. beowulf Hardware description, cluster sites news articles, software links, and benchmarks.
  • IBM Linux Cluster Alvarez - At the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. beowulf Cluster information and parallel computing research links.
  • Lalainya - Used for analysis of traffic patterns at the parallel computing Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation. Hardware parallel computing information.
  • VTT Electronics - Cluster information and links to Beowulf resources.
  • KAIST*GALAXY Beowulf Cluster - Nuclear Reactor Analysis and Particle Transport Lab at cluster sites Korea parallel computing Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. cluster sites Description of parallel computing hardware, benchmarks, links to software documentation.
  • HEP Batch Computing - At the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Hardware beowulf information, news, and papers.
  • Super Abacus - At the City University of Hong Kong. Hardware configuration, cluster sites pictures, benchmarks, users\' guide, and research description.
  • Bunyip Beowulf Project - At Australia National University. FAQ, configuration details, beowulf photos, and users' guide.
  • SWARM - At Oregon State University. Configuration, benchmarks, and beowulf information for parallel computing users.
  • Kentucky Linux Athlon Testbed - At the University of Kentucky. Press releases, hardware details, beowulf and benchmarks.
  • Loki - At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Documentation, parallel computing configuration parallel computing information, benchmarks, and pictures of calculations.
  • Cobalt - At the University of Calgary. Hardware and beowulf software configuration, cluster sites and information for users.
  • The Chaingang - At the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. cluster sites Hardware cluster sites specifications, links to software, and pictures.
  • The-Elements - Cluster description, links to research, benchmarks, articles, and information for cluster sites users.
  • Stone SouperComputer - At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Configuration cluster sites details, cluster sites news articles, papers, applications, and links to cluster sites Beowulf resources.
  • Distributed ASCI Supercomputer - Cluster information and pictures.
  • Genetic Programming, Inc. - Clusters used for genetics research. Pictures, news articles, and design and configuration details for very large clusters.
  • Jane Option Black - Cluster information and benchmarks.
  • MAGI - Used for speech recognition research at CTU Prague. cluster sites parallel computing Description and pictures.
  • The Scalable Computing Laboratory (SCL) - At Iowa State University. Claster homepages with Users guide, hardware parallel computing and software information, benchmarks and statistics.
  • Hermes - At the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron in Hamburg, Germany. parallel computing Cluster parallel computing description and diagram.
  • Maginet - At the Quantum Chemistry Group of the Universitat beowulf Rovira i beowulf Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. Cluster beowulf specifications and pictures.
  • ASMA - At Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. Cluster specifications, cluster sites publications cluster sites bibliography, scheduler documentation, and links to other cluster sites Beowulf resources.
  • Pentium Farm - At the University of Mannheim. Configuration details.
  • LAMA's Beowulf - At the Materials Laboratory at Universidad del País Vasco, in Bilbao, Spain. Cluster configuration, photos, and status.
  • ZUSE Parallel Pentium-Pro Cluster - At the University of Koblenz-Landau. Configuration diagram.
  • The Cyborg Project - Photographs, hardware details, and links to message-passing resources.
  • Jazznet - At the National Institute of Standards and Technology. parallel computing Benchmarks, research information and pictures, and hardware parallel computing and software information.
  • VALHAL - At the Center for Atomic-Scale Materials Physics in cluster sites Denmark. Hardware and network description, benchmarks, and cluster sites software information
  • Spear - At the University of Rhode Island. Cluster cluster sites description.
  • Tina - At the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Magdeburg. Description of research, current workload, and pictures.
  • University of Missouri, St. Louis: High Performance Computing Collaboratory - Specifications and software links.
  • University of Louisville Mechanical Engineering Department - Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.
  • Centurion at the University of Virginia - Configuration details, photos, and software links.
  • theHIVE - Pictures, software, benchmarks, research, and users guide.
  • Gravitor - Used for astrophysical simulations at the Geneva Observatory. Hardware and software information, pictures, and links to research.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison: Alpha Beowulf System - Hardware description, pictures, benchmarking code, and construction details.
  • LoBoS - At the National Institute for Health. System configuration, status, beowulf benchmarks, links to software, news articles, and information for users.
  • ICE Box - At the Center for High Performance Computing at cluster sites the cluster sites University of Utah. Specifications, users guide, and cluster sites software documentation.

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