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Message Passing Interface is a library specification. Programs written in sequential languages can take advantage of parallel computational resources by using this library. There are implementations for a wide variety of languages (including C, C++, and Java) and a variety of architectures (most flavors of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS 9).

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Editor's Picks:

Message Passing Interface Forum* - The official MPI standards and archives of the standardization process.

  • Scali - ScaMPI is an implementation of MPI using the mpi Scalable Coherent libraries Interface. Product information and download.
  • Message Passing Interface - Interface standard, tutorials, libraries, and links to other resources, as mpi well as MPICH, an implementation of MPI.
  • LAM / MPI Parallel Computing - Local Area Multicomputer is an MPI implementation. Source code, programming papers, documentation, and mailing list archives.
  • AutoMap and AutoLink - Tools for using user-defined data types with MPI. Papers, source programming code, and documentation.
  • StarMPI - System to allow binding of MPI to a mpi generic interactive programming language. Source code and documentation.
  • MacMPI - Implementation of MPI for Mac OS 9.
  • HP MPI - Implementation of MPI for Hewlett Packard systems. Product information, mpi free evaluation copy, and purchasing information.
  • MPI-FM - High-performance cluster implementation of MPI for Windows. programming Source code, libraries documentation, and papers.
  • MP-MPICH - Multi-Platform MPICH - An implementation of MPI for Windows (NT/2000/XP/2003), Solaris libraries and Linux. Supports Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI), libraries TCP/IP and shared memory for communication. Runs on libraries IA-32, Alpha and Sparc architectures. Source, binaries, and libraries documentation available
  • SKaMPI -Special Karlsruher MPI Benchmark - Open-source MPI Benchmark with public result database.
  • Paradyn - Measurement and analysis tool for parallel programs that use MPI. programming Papers, source code, binaries, and manuals.

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