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ActiveX has exceedingly powerful functions, can do form control such as edit, input, print, print preview, and connect to multi-databases.

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  • S-Grid Control - A lightweight grid control with smooth displays and components Outlook style windows user interface features. VB source code is available. components By Steve McMahon. [Free, windows user interface Open Source]
  • itGrid - An ActiveX grid and combo package. It supports sorting, subtotalling, components multiple column styles, advanced hierarchal capabilities, bound (OLEDB) and unbound components modes. [Commercial]
  • Exontrol EXMLGrid - Control provides an innovative grid view look and grids handles data in XML fashion way.
  • SCGrid - An ActiveX grid control which provides only essential grids features, like windows user interface CellOver, CellOut, ScrollTrackCol/Row events, ColWidthPercent property, grids fixed cells are numbered windows user interface negative so non-fixed cells grids always start with 0. Requires Visual windows user interface Basic 6 grids runtimes.
  • DbNetGrid - Database driven grid component based on DHTML behaviours. Grids can be searched, sorted, edited and results saved in HTML, Word or Excel formats.
  • Exontrol ExGrid - A multi-purpose data visualization control that can display windows user interface grids information as a tree, a grid or list, windows user interface grids or a combination of both - in either windows user interface grids data-bound or unbound mode.
  • Spread - Data-aware spreadsheet component. By FarPoint Technologies Inc. [Commercial]
  • EasyGrid - ActiveX has exceedingly powerful functions, can do form grids control such grids as edit, input, print, print preview, grids and connect to multi-databases.
  • Janus GridEX - Grid control designed to display data using an interface patterned after Microsoft Outlook. Also includes Janus ButtonBar, a control which organizes icons into logical subsets using a sliding-group metaphor like Outlook Bar. By Janus Systems SA de CV. [Co
  • FlexCell Grid Control - Provides functions such as Chart, Merge Cell, Print grids Preview, Print, windows user interface etc., and can export to Excel grids Workbook, no need of windows user interface Excel runtime support. It grids provides 6 cell types and 8 windows user interface programming objects. grids [Shareware]

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