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A control provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way to handle data input with minimal coding and user interface design. [Commercial]

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  • StatusBar - A control provides a window, through which an windows user interface application can display various kinds of status data. windows user interface By Inspired Creations Inc.
  • Panel - A control provides a container that can contain com other components. It automatically handles dragging and can com be docked/undocked in MDI applications. By Inspired Creations com Inc.
  • Calendar - A Calendar control let users view and set com date information com via a calendar-like interface. It automatically com handles resizing, allows for com color customization and can com display a dual month period. By com Inspired Creations com Inc.
  • Exontrol ExplorerTree - Add structured UI navigation functionality to applications. [Commercial]
  • Tab Pro - A tab control with different pre-defined appearance styles. components By FarPoint windows user interface Technologies Inc.
  • Web On Windows - Embeds Internet Explorer ActiveX control in Windows applications. components By EzTools components Software.
  • WeOnlyDo! ShellMenu Component - Installs itself as ContextMenu handler for Womdows Explorer, components providing full components control over Explorer user-defined menus.
  • Exontrol eXComboBox - Advanced combobox control. [Commercial]
  • HTMLLabel - A practical and versatile HTML renderer packaged as components a lightweight ActiveX control intended specifically for components enhance software with HTML. [Commercial]
  • Chameleon Frame - The custom frame control to enhance application GUI.
  • Exontrol ExPropertiesList - A control provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way com to handle data input with minimal coding and user interface com design. [Commercial]
  • ActiveX Components Suite - Collection of COM components including DataMask, XGrid, DataTree, windows user interface components DataList, DataView and XShaper. By GreenTree Technologies, Inc.
  • XRosyGUI - OCX controls for developing versatile GUIs. By HexaTech.
  • RadioGroup ActiveX Control - A component to replace VB OptionButton control. It enables the windows user interface creation a convenient group of radio buttons. By RustemSoft.
  • DevPower Solutions - Modern Outlook98 / Office 2000 / Office XP com GUI components com and controls for application and web com site development. [Controls, Freeware]
  • Exontrol ExSkin - An ActiveX control providing with the skin (or windows user interface windows user interface look&feel) support. It support non-rectangular forms. WYSWYG Skin windows user interface windows user interface Builder. [Commercial]
  • Viklele Consulting - Offers ActiveX component solutions for Windows GUI applications, com including VLButtonBar, windows user interface VLFormDesigner, VLMenuPlus, VLPropertyList.
  • FolderView - ActiveX control provides functionality identical to the tree windows user interface components pane in Explorer. It displays a list of windows user interface components folders (and files) and allows browsing of the windows user interface components shell\\'s entire namespace. Provides many unique features. By windows user interface components Inspired Creations. [Shareware]
  • Active Control Pak - Collection of controls include GTCalendar, GTCalendar DropDown, GTTab, com GTExplorerTree, GTOptionSet, GTSpin, GTSlider, GTElasticContainer and GTElasticWindow. By com GreenTree Technologies, Inc.
  • Hierarchy Selector Control - A free, open source, enhanced COMCTL32.OCX TreeView control windows user interface windows user interface that allows one to easily create option dialogs windows user interface windows user interface like the Win98 Folder Options dialog and the windows user interface windows user interface Internet Explorer Advanced option dialog. By Steve McMahon.
  • SkinCrafter - ActiveX control and SkinBuilder application that lets developers create applications that users can easily skin.
  • MenuEx - Customize menus ActiveX control. By Inspired Creations Inc.
  • SMButton - An easy to use and offer a large com range of components properties, effects and controls over com the button. [Control, Shareware]
  • THBRotatedLabel - Displays text and picture with the ability to rotate it. windows user interface By THBComponentware. [Commercial]
  • Exontrol ExTree - .NET/ActiveX Control provides the entire range of capabilities. windows user interface It simulates a simple tree, a multi-column tree, windows user interface a list or a listview control. [Commercial]
  • cPopMenu - A free, open source control to get icons windows user interface windows user interface into a VB project\\'s menus. It also allows windows user interface windows user interface you to create arbitrary new submenus, gives you windows user interface windows user interface control over the system menu. By Steve McMahon.
  • Exontrol ExMenu - Simulates menu bar, popup menu, options button, toolbar, components pick list. com [Commercial]
  • AceToolbar - Toolbar OCX control for creating toolbars and menus similar to Internet Explorer toolbar, and Office 97 toolbar. By HexaTech.
  • Month End - A different kind of calendar control for month-end com reporting. Gets components from-date and to-date and the dates com of all the months components in between with a com minimum of clicks. By MiniSolve Software. components [Control, Commercial]
  • Active Toolbox - Controls included are GTGroupList, GTListBox, GTInTray, GTProgress, GTToolbar, windows user interface com GTSplitters, GTCheckFrame and GTMsgHook. By GreenTree Technologies, Inc.
  • ScrollMark - The graphical bookmark control. It\\'s a new kind windows user interface of graphical user interface (GUI) control that brings windows user interface convenient and intuitive bookmarking capability to scrolling controls windows user interface such as text boxes, list boxes, and document windows user interface view windows. By ClearJump.
  • List Pro - List box and combo box that support vast amount of com data. By FarPoint Technologies Inc.
  • vbSkinner - ActiveX component that changes the user interface of components programs adding support for skins.
  • Xceed SmartUI - ActiveX controls suit allows developers to build rich, windows user interface windows user interface reusable Office 2000 or Office XP style user windows user interface windows user interface interfaces.
  • Exontrol ExSkinPack - Skinable controls like button, tab, messagebox. [Commercial]
  • eXontrol RolList ActiveX/NET Component - An elliptic list control that doesn\'t require scroll com bars.

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