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A set of components designed to add dynamic, visually and functionally sophisticated ToolTips with single- or multiline text, images and animations as content to Windows Forms applications.

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See Also:
  • Shell MegaPack - Brings complete Windows Explorer functionality with FolderView and FileView controls.
  • FolderView.Net - A Windows-Explorer-like treeview control. Mimics Windows Explorer functionality. tools By Sky tools Software.
  • FlexGrid for .NET - ADO.NET Databound or Unbound grid for displaying and tools editing tabular tools data. Includes hierarchical data views. tools By ComponentOne, LLC.
  • dotEtiveTreeListView - An user control used to show detailed tree winform controls list. tools It can be used to select files winform controls or folders tools using only one control, to browse winform controls detailed information by tools categories. It\\'s fully customizable, easy winform controls to use, and supports tools columns sorting.
  • VisualLayout.NET - Visually create size and position relationships between WinForm winform controls elements tools in MS Visual Studio.NET. By SoftComplex.
  • DataGridColumns - Additional column styles for the DataGrid (Windows Forms) tools control
  • DMControls - Controls for work with fonts: CharMap, winform controls which tools allows view and copy all characters of winform controls any fonts tools installed in the system; FontListCombo, which winform controls allows view and tools select font. Also, CharNavigator is winform controls a freeware program, which tools allows copy character from winform controls selected
  • Dinky AutoComplete Tool (DACT) - A component that provides the AutoComplete feature to tools applications. It components features point-and-click integration and design-time tools support.
  • SmartUI for .NET - MenuBar, ToolBar, Treeview and other UI components for winform controls WinForm winform controls applications. By Xceed Software, Inc.
  • PureComponents - Components including Navigator, an Outlook Bar style control with extended unctionality; TreeView; EntrySet, a group of .NET WinForms components created to be used in data entry forms.
  • Alvas.FileControls - Duplicate Windows Explorer. By
  • FlexCell Grid Control - Provides functions such as Chart, Merge Cell, Print Preview, Print, components etc., and can export to Excel Workbook, no need of components Excel runtime support. It provides 6 cell types and 8 components programming objects. [Shareware]
  • CoolLayout.NET - A design time enabled component which helps to components create professional forms with no coding efforts.
  • - Create Tooltips, XP Style menus and application skins. HTML like components markup is used to form tolltips, menus or window backgrounds.
  • HelpBubble .NET - Powerful proactive Balloon style windows for applications.
  • ToolTipsFactory .NET - A set of components designed to add dynamic, tools visually and functionally sophisticated ToolTips with single- or tools multiline text, images and animations as content to tools Windows Forms applications.
  • Alvas.ShapeForms - Create nonrectangular forms. By
  • Xceed Grid for .NET - A managed data grid component.
  • XtraGrid Suite - A data grid component with support for grouping, sorting, master/detail tools display. By Developer Express Inc.
  • FileView.Net - A Windows Explorer-like listview with various viewstyles. By Sky Software.
  • 3D Control Magic for .NET - A 3D control component developed with the purpose of replacing components some of the old fashioned Windows flat controls in applications components written with Visual Studio.NET .
  • Marquee .NET - Display marquee style scrolling text. By ComponentSpace.
  • Northwoods Go.NET - Adds visual diagrams to an application. Written in C# and includes AutoLayout Component.
  • ComponentOne Studio for .NET - A collection of royalty-free runtime distribution client products components developed for components use in windows forms inside Visual components Studio.NET.
  • DotNetBar - Control for creating dockable tabs, menus, toolbars and winform controls task panes. Supports Microsoft Windows XP Themes. winform controls By
  • NetAdvantage Suite - A bundle of WinForm and WebForm presentation layer controls. tools By Infragistics, Inc.

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