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.NET component can be used to create new and edit existing images. Complete source code is available for developers. Free and commercial versions.

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  • PortSight Task Scheduler for .NET - Immediate or planned execution from ASP.NET. It allows net processing of tools long-running ASP.NET pages, running command line net utilities or other server-side tools tasks without page time net outs and under a privileged account.
  • Subsembly - .NET components based on e-Banking standards (FinTS, HBCI), e-Government standards tools (OSCI) and smart cards (PC/SC, CT-API).
  • SharpSpell - AJAX-enabled ASP.NET and Desktop spell checker component for components .NET developers. tools [Commercial, trial version]
  • SSDN: Simple Service Discovery for .NET - An open source service discovery mechanism for .NET tools remoting. Also provides a simple naming and directory tools service.
  • ZXValidator - .NET component for credit card numbers validation. It currently supported net credit card types: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diner's Club, Discover/Novus.
  • USPExpress Math Parser .NET - Parse and evaluate scientific, engineering and mathematical expressions on-the-fly. BY Unisoft Plus, Ltd.
  • EaseSoft Barcode - .Net Windows Forms control and ASP.NET control for tools creating barcode images.
  • Trace Listeners .NET - A cyclic file trace listener. By ComponentSpace.
  • Coalesys, Inc. - Focusing on .ASP.NET User Interface controls.
  • PortSight Secure Access for .NET - Manages users and their access to WinForms and WebForms applications, tools Web Services and Web content. It features user roles, permissions, tools auditing, delegation and import from Active Directory.
  • Industrial DOT NET, Inc - Local IO assembly provides generic access to instrumentation components data.
  • Lanap BotDetect - .NET control to protect website from spambot (form net robots) with tools captcha code image. ASP.NET security net solution to prevent automated tools registrations.
  • DotLucene - A port of the Jakarta Lucene search engine. [Open source, Apache Software License]
  • KineticaRT - A collection of .Net components, including Windows .NET net Forms —Āontrols, components logic components, server components.
  • Olvio IT PlusSuite - Include .Net controls, editor controls, layout manager, notification controls.
  • Extreme Optimization - Numerical components for .Net includes complex numbers, vectors components and matrices tools (BLAS and LAPACK), numerical integration and components differentiation, solving equations, curve tools fitting, special functions, statistics.
  • decloak - .Net components including: dual listbox with re-ordering, dependent components listboxes, click components click e-mail reports.
  • NLinAlg - A .NET class library for working with algebra components structures such tools as matrices and vectors. [Open source, components GPL]
  • CenterSpace NMath - .Net components suite contains interfaces to BLAS and net LAPACK, random number generators, anova, regression, probability distributions, net sparse matrices, hypothesis tests and descriptive statistics.
  • Quantum Whale - Editor.NET component is an advanced code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible edit control in your .NET applications; Outbar.NET is a component pack allowing incorporate a side bar control into any .NET applications.
  • Alvas.Net - Offers components including Alvas.Suite, Alvas.Audio, Alvas.FileControls, Alvas.ShapeForms, Alvas.Controls, Alvas.Scriptor, and net Alvas.Labels.
  • Xtras.Net - An online reseller of third party .NET components.
  • - Provides .NET components to use in both ASP.NET websites, and components winform applications. Including dotEtiveFTP, dotEtiveSocket, dotEtiveTreeListView, etiveAspPack, etiveCreditCard, etiveDNS, etiveMessenger, components etiveWHOIS.
  • WebCab Components - .Net components for financial and mathematical applications.
  • fyiReporting Software: RDL Project - A fully functional report and charting system based components on Microsoft\\'s Report Definition Language (RDL). [Open source, components Apache]
  • Naxos Development - Offers a collection of .NET user interface controls and components. [Commercial]
  • Dart Communications - Offers a web-based HTML editor which enables users tools to create rich-text content in a browser as tools well as TCP and SNMP components.
  • InRule .NET Rule Engine - A rule engine that provides a framework for components non-technical logic maintenance and deployment within server, web-based, components and desktop applications.
  • Parole Lite - Generate pronounceable passwords. By 4ASPNET.
  • ASPPainter - .NET component can be used to create new and edit existing images. Complete source code is available for developers. Free and commercial versions.
  • Perpetuum Software LLC - Specializes in the development of .NET reporting, charting, OLAP, gauge components and instrumentation components for Visual Studio developers.

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