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  • FirstFloor.MSN - Msn Messenger object model for the .NET platform.
  • Trace Route .NET - Perform Internet route tracing to determine network delays tools and topology. communications By ComponentSpace.
  • wodSSH.NET - Client side .NET component for Telnet and SSH protocol. tools By WeOnlyDo! Software. [Commercial, open source]
  • dotEtiveSocket - A derivate of the original Socket. It compatible tools with Socks tools 4, 4A, and 5.
  • FTP .NET - FTP client functionality. By ComponentSpace.
  • ICMP .NET - Send ICMP echo messages and receive echo replies. tools By ComponentSpace.
  • Smilla .NET Communication Library - An NNTP protocol library written in C# and communications distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser communications General Public License.
  • Communications - Serial Communications Library for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • IP*Works! .NET Edition - A collection of more than 30 IP networking communications components written in C#, including HTTP, SMTP, Whois, communications SOAP and Telnet. By /n software, Inc.
  • .NET CVS Library (NetCvsLib) - A CVS client library written entirely in C# for the .NET platform. It is implemented as an assembly, and thus can easily be incorporated into other projects. [LGPL]
  • Internet Time .NET - Retrieve the date and time from NTP time servers. By ComponentSpace.
  • ComponentSpace .NET Internet Suite - Consists of over 150 classes covering the most communications popular Internet protocols and includes DNS, FTP, ICMP, communications NTP, SMTP Email Checker, Trace Route and Who communications Is components. [Commercial]
  • edtFTPnet - A FTP client library written in C# for communications .NET applications. communications [Open source, LGPL]
  • AlertPOP .NET - Non-intrusive popup messages similar to MSN Instant Messenger and Yahoo components Messenger.
  • dotEtiveFTP - Transfer, rename, delete, make, enumerate files and folders tools synchronously and tools asynchronously. It supports Socks 4/4A/5, IPv6, tools transfers resuming, recusive folder tools transfer, custom commands, transfers tools tracking, and FXP data transfer for tools faster backups.
  • Who Is .NET - Lookup domain name registration and other information. By ComponentSpace.
  • Rebex FTP.NET - Communicate with any FTP server in your .NET components programs. Sync, components Async and all common proxy servers components supported.
  • ABCUpload .NET - ASP.NET file upload component with progress bar and components file corruption tools auto-fixing. Unicode and MacBinary compatible. components By WebSupergoo.
  • wodSFTP.NET - Transfer data securely over SSH layer using AES, DES, and BLOWFISH encryption. By WeOnlyDo! Software. [Commercial]
  • aspNetMime - Parse MIME and Email messages. Decodes quoted printable, tools MIME body communications parts, and email properties. Stream email tools body parts to ASP.NET communications webpages. By Advanced tools Intellect.
  • Genuine Channels - Use bidirectional non-blocking GTCP, GHTTP, Shared Memory and GUDP channels tools with IP multicasting support.
  • Rebex Time.NET - A SNTP/NTP time synchronization library for .NET and tools .NET Compact Framework. By Rebex.
  • aspNetDns - Perform DNS lookups. Includes synchronous and asynchronous method components calls. By Advanced Intellect.
  • DNS .NET - Query DNS servers for MX and all the other resource tools record types defined by RFC-1034 and RFC-1035. By ComponentSpace.

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