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  • aspNetEmail - Sends emails that include authentication, multi-part mime, web pages and datagrids. By Advanced Intellect.
  • Active Mail - Collection of components for SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 and NNTP to send templated and databound emails, or receive and parse messages. By Active Up.
  • Email Checker .NET - Check email address syntax and validate against the domain\'s mail components server. By ComponentSpace.
  • aspNetPOP3 - Download email from POP3 servers. Handles all mail character sets, communications authentication, decoding and email parsing. mail By Advanced Intellect.
  • Chilkat EMAIL.NET - Send, receive and manage email. Full S/MIME capability communications and MHTML support.
  • Patnorsoft - Email sending, receiving, retrieving via SMTP and validation.
  • EmailQ.NET - E-mail queuing component for .NET. By ExclamationSoft Inc.
  • 4ASPNET POP3 .Net Component - Secure authentication (APOP) support; ability to retrieve headers communications only; retrieve components file, HTML and text attachments; delete communications messages; custom headers support; components content type, content transfer communications encoding, and charset support.
  • EasyMail .Net Edition - Compose, send, retrieve and parse Internet Email messages. communications Includes assemblies mail for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4. By communications Quicksoft Corp.
  • devMail.Net - SMTP and POP3 assemblies for integrating email capabilities into your applications. By devBiz Business Solutions.
  • ExclamationSoft SMTP.NET - Email component with features beyond that of the communications built-in .NET libraries.

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