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Logging and monitoring tool for .NET applications that allows to analyse and troubleshoot software, detect bugs and performance problems. The site informs on features, system requirements, and licensing. [Commercial, trial version]

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  • Anticipating Minds - devAdvantage: a programming tool that finds bugs and issues in .NET C# code and collaborates with developers to fix them. devMetrics: a software management tool that gathers metrics on .NET C# code to identify issues and make informed project decisions. A
  • Vil - A tool for collecting metrics from .Net assemblies. Metrics component frameworks relate to classes, methods, inheritance, cohesion, coupling, complexity. [Freeware]
  • AlachiSoft TierDeveloper - An object-to-relational mapping and code generation tool. Map relational tables tools to data objects, embed sophisticated SQL in them, and generate tools code for .NET (C# and VB.NET).
  • Add-in Express .NET Edition - A visual RAD tool for creating COM add-ins, net Smart Tags component frameworks and RTD Servers for Microsoft Office net family applications in Visual component frameworks Studio .NET. Also exist net Delphi edition.
  • DeKlarit - A Rapid Application Development tool with Visual Studio component frameworks .NET net integration
  • Jungle Creatures, Inc. - Provide .Net tools: Decompiler.NET is combination Decompiler and tools Obfuscator for Microsoft .NET. Deploy.NET is a tool tools for packaging Windows Forms based .NET applications for tools deployment. XMLModeler is a C# based graphical XML tools editor that performs real time
  • DataAide - A VB.Net desktop application that utilises SQL Server tools 2000 client component frameworks tools to generate VB.Net, C#, or tools VB6 classes and stored component frameworks procedures for tables in tools a SQL Server 2k database. It component frameworks also generates tools ADO.Net or ADO code to call stored procedures.
  • LucidLog.Net - Logging and monitoring tool for .NET applications that allows to analyse and troubleshoot software, detect bugs and performance problems. The site informs on features, system requirements, and licensing. [Commercial, trial version]
  • SharpToolbox - Categorized directory of the existing development tools, libraries and add-ins component frameworks for .NET.
  • Iron Speed Designer - A application/code generator for .NET developers. Generate web-based net databound application component frameworks - from simple online forms applications net to a sophisticated CRM component frameworks application.
  • LightningCode - A .NET Web application generator.
  • Anakrino - A decompiler for .NET applications. Decompiles .NET assemblies tools into C# source code.
  • Framework Studio - An IDE for rapid application development, building web component frameworks applications based on .NET using C#, XML, webservices, component frameworks SOAP.
  • AQTime.NET - Performance and memory optimization tool for Microsoft\\'s .NET framework and tools Visual Studio .NET environment.
  • VSdocman - A tool for automatic class documentation generation from the C# and VB .NET source code. Parses the VB .NET and C# projects (including ASP .NET) and creates MSDN-like documentation, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help.
  • oakland software - Provides the .NET Component Inspector which dynamically inspects .NET code, includes visual design surface and event tracing.
  • Lesser-Software - Tools for .NET including a Smalltalk-like browser, tools decompiler, interlanguage tools translation obfuscator
  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.NET - The report generation tool that is expected to be included in Visual Studio.NET. By Crystal Decisions.
  • Unix.NET - Free software collection of various Unix utilities that net have been ported to the Common Language Runtime net including "echo", "ftpd" and "kill". [BSD License]
  • Remaid - A framework (hosted at Arlanet BV servers) provides .NET developers component frameworks with a fast and secure fundament for business applications.
  • NDOC (formerly DOC.NET) - Merges the assemblies and XML documentation files produced by csc.exe and creates a compiled HTML Help file enabling browse own libraries just like the .NET Framework Class Library. [Open source, GPL]
  • .NET Reflector - A CLR class browser with XML documentation viewer, net type search, disassembler and C#/VB view.
  • Dis# - .NET decompiler. It allows to edit local variables and other net names and persist changes in project file.
  • Terra-Axis - .Net Enablers - A component-based development framework that supports the rapid development net and deployment of Web applications.
  • SharpPlus - Provide components and tools for .NET framework includes: tools SharpPlus for net C#Builder and Delphi8 is an automatic tools component renamer and typo net auto corrector (commercial); OverSeer tools for .Net is a message-based debugging net tool for tools .Net Framework which is ported fr
  • FxCop - A code analysis tool that checks for conformance tools to the tools .NET Framework Design Guidelines. FxCop inspects tools assemblies for more than tools 175 design defects. [Freeware]
  • DataDirect Connect for .NET - .NET data provider suite built with 100% managed component frameworks code, tools delivering data connectivity for Sybase, Oracle, DB2 component frameworks and SQL tools Server.
  • Lab Technology.NET - Data management solution for the game industry. It tools combines the component frameworks power of the .NET framework with tools productivity-boosting features. Tool lets component frameworks manage data as .NET tools objects and eliminates the need to component frameworks tediously map tools it onto database tables, XML files or other component frameworks tools dat
  • SharpDevelop - A free editor for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft\'s tools .NET platform. [GPL]
  • LLBLGen - Generates a data-access tier and business fa├žade/support tier tools in C# net or VB.NET using an existing database tools schema set. Product information net and support. [Commercial, trial tools version]
  • ANTS - The Advanced .NET Testing System, a .NET based net load testing tools tool and code profiler.
  • ORM.NET - O/R mapping and code generation tool create a complete ADO.NET net Data Access Layer from a SQL server schema. By Olero net Software.
  • Allocation Profiler - Profiler for visualizing and analyzing allocations on the net .NET managed tools heap
  • NAnt - A .NET based build tool. A replacement for net make based component frameworks on Ant.
  • ManagedXLL - Create true Excel 97-2003 Add-Ins (XLL) in any net .NET language tools (C#, VB.NET, C++) and make objects net available in Excel worksheets tools instantly.
  • RichPayment.NET Payment Web Service - An ePayment web service using SOAP and XML for processing component frameworks credit cards, debit cards and check services with RichPayments.
  • Gen-X - A template tool to help you reuse source component frameworks code component frameworks by Developmentor.
  • Aquifer - .Net application platform suite for rapid custom applications tools development and net data security. By Systems Management Engineering, tools Inc.
  • IronWorks Code Generator - Automatically generates C# and VB.NET n-tier web applications. component frameworks Template-based and fully extensible.

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