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A simple .NET assembly obfuscator application written in managed code and running right in browser. Includes an assembly explorer / IL disassembler.

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  • Aspose.Obfuscator - A .Net assembly obfuscating tool. [Shareware]
  • Thinstall - .NET encryptor, compressor, and pre-run framework checker. [Commercial]
  • Eziriz NET Reactor - Protect .NET applications from reverse engineering by merging tools any .NET tools application with native machine code.
  • {smartassembly} - A software improvement and protection tool. It will try to obfuscators optimize the .NET assembly, obfuscate/protect development work, reduce distribution size, obfuscators increase performance and add post-deployment debugging capabilities.
  • LSW IL-Obfuscator - Obfuscates .NET assemblies
  • Demeanor - An obfuscator for .NET applications to hinder decompilation
  • Dotfuscator - Obfuscates to enhance source code security, shrinks to improve efficiency, obfuscators and watermarks to track the origin of a pirated copy. obfuscators [Commercial]
  • Skater .NET Obfuscator - An obfuscation tool for .NET code protection.
  • Mangler - A simple .NET assembly obfuscator application written in tools managed code obfuscators and running right in browser. Includes tools an assembly explorer / obfuscators IL disassembler.
  • Salamander - A decompiler for .NET applications and an obfuscator obfuscators to hinder net decompilation
  • Spices.Net (ex-ILO) - Protect .Net assemblies from reverse engineering, with size reduction and speed optimizations. By 9rays.net. [Commercial]

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