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A coverage profiler for GUI applications. It measures coverage of application tests and allows to find untested elements. [Commercial, trial version]

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See Also:
  • X-Unity - A unit testing and integration environment for the tools Microsoft .NET software testing Framework. Features include simplified unit test tools development, automated builds, Visual software testing SourceSafe interoperability and e-mail tools notifications.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (Test Edition) - MS Visual Studio-based support for unit, automation and load tests as well as measuring coverage [Commercial, trial version]
  • CsUnit - C# based unit testing framework for the .NET framework. Includes download, samples, tutorials and FAQ. [Open source, zlib/libpng license]
  • Unite.NET - Unit- and Integration testing for the .NET platform.
  • GuiProf - A coverage profiler for GUI applications. It measures net coverage of tools application tests and allows to find net untested elements. [Commercial, trial tools version]
  • NUnit - A framework, based on the JUnit family, for tools building application net unit tests. It assists with test-driven tools design, a technique of net Extreme Programming. By Philip tools Craig.
  • MbUnit - Advanced, extensible and generative framework that allows you software testing to net test various aspects of your .NET software software testing [Open source, net zlib/libpng license]
  • .NETUnit - An implementation of Kent Beck\\'s XUnit testing framework designed specifically tools for unit testing components written for the .NET platform. [LGPL]

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