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Free open-source plugin for Eclipse (itself a free and open-source development environment) with syntax highlighting, content assistant (intellisense for C# keywords), and ability to compile code from within the IDE.

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See Also:
  • Instant C# - Convert VB.NET code to C# code at the project and c-sharp code snippet levels. Description, sample screenshots, and ordering information. By c-sharp Tangible Software Solutions Inc.
  • OpenGL for C# - Provides C# wrapper for OpenGL and SDL along languages with some c-sharp tools.
  • Nini - A software configuration library written in 100% C# for the .NET Framework. This software includes a concise API for abstracting the access of multiple configuration types: INI, .NET config files, registry, XML files, and command-line options. [Open sourc
  • RapTier - A template-based C#, VB.NET, and SQL code generator languages for multi-tier tools development. [Shareware]
  • Sharp Develop - Free C# editor.
  • C# Rapid Development Kit - A series of advanced collections and more than c-sharp 50 generic tools algorithms that are designed to complement, c-sharp not replace, the basic tools features found in the c-sharp .NET Framework. [Commercial]
  • OCL (Open CLI Library) - Intel Labs C# implementation of portions of the c-sharp CLI (Common tools Language Infrastructure) runtime library as defined c-sharp in the draft ECMA tools CLI specification.
  • Tangible Architect - Generates the data access layer for C# application and the c-sharp database schema from within Visual Studio.NET .
  • Compilr - A web based compiler and IDE for C# code. Includes news, features list, and FAQs. (Requires registration.)
  • MonoDevelop - A project to port SharpDevelop to Gtk#.
  • Prof-It for C# - A standalone profiler for C# that measures execution frequencies for c-sharp each statement while keeping the instrumentation of the source code c-sharp to a minimum. [Open source, GPL]
  • Antechinus - A programmer\\'s editor that supports color-coded syntax of the C# programming language. By C Point Pty Ltd.
  • db4o - An object database written in C# for the languages .NET platform. c-sharp Also exist Java version.
  • Improve C# plugin for Eclipse - Free open-source plugin for Eclipse (itself a free c-sharp and open-source languages development environment) with syntax highlighting, content c-sharp assistant (intellisense for C# languages keywords), and ability to c-sharp compile code from within the IDE.
  • C-Sharpener For VB - A Visual Studio addin that converts VB.Net projects tools to C# tools projects. [Commercial, free conversion service for tools open source projects]
  • Blue Ink - A C# application generating software program that decrease development time languages for database enabled web applications. [Commercial]
  • HKPGEN Plugins Generator - Visually design plugins for HTML-Kit and automatically generate source code in .NET C#
  • Free Compiler Writing Tools - Provides C# source for tools written in the tools tradition of tools lex and yacc, redesigned in an tools object-oriented way. By tools Malcolm Crowe.

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