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Enable application to send, retrieve, merge, compose, view, edit, store and print Internet e-mail messages. By Quiksoft Corporation. [Component, Commercial]

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See Also:
  • ServerObjects AspMail - The first commercially available ASP mail component. Among others, support communications for PGP.
  • Chilkat Email Component - A POP3 and SMTP client email component with mail S/MIME, Outlook communications integration, distribution lists, attachments, XML import/export. mail [Component, Commercial]
  • Codestone Internet Mail Clients OCX - Provides SMTP and POP3 clients for sending and components receiving messages together with a Message Object Model components providing support for MIME message formats.
  • ActiveMail - A shareware COM object for sending SMTP mail. components By Jeroen Ritmeijer.
  • Adiscon SimpleMail - Simple and easy to use ASP mail component. Supports RDS. Works also with other COM-enabled languages (e. g. VB).
  • Exontrol ExEMail - SMTP Client component with DNS capabilities. [Commercial]
  • Chilkat Mail - E-Mail component supporting attachments, HTML, S/MIME encryption and components digital signatures, mail SMTP authorization, XML import/export, MHTML compliant, components filtering, mail merge features, mail Outlook integration, multipart/alternative support. components [Component, Freeware]
  • EmailArchitect Component & Server - Email Server and SMTP, POP3 Components. [Shareware]
  • MailBee Objects - Enables your application to send, receive, parse and manage e-mail mail over POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP protocols. [Commercial]
  • VMailCom - Advanced E-Mail validation component. [Commponent, Shareware]
  • w3 JMail - Features sending e-mails, receiving e-mails, encryption and mass mailing with mailmerge. By Dimac.
  • AspEmail - A free active server component that enables an mail ASP application to send email messages via any mail external SMTP server. By Persits Software, Inc.
  • WeOnlyDo! Mail Related Components - Mailbox Component - management over mailbox and message mail parsing. Pop3 mail Server Component - Pop3 protocol server mail implementation. Smtp Server Component mail - full non-relaying Smtp mail (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server implementation. mail [Component, mail Free and comme
  • System-Engine Mailware - A SMTP/POP3/IMAP components for developing custom web-mail and communications internet application. [Freeware]
  • ASP Mail Component - An ActiveX component designed to allow e-mail sending from Active Server Pages (ASP).
  • SoftArtisans SMTPmail - A SMTP client component. [Free and commercial versions]
  • EasyMail Objects - Enable application to send, retrieve, merge, compose, view, communications edit, store and print Internet e-mail messages. By communications Quiksoft Corporation. [Component, Commercial]

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