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  • Oxygen Mobile ActiveX Control - A tool for building Nokia phones management functions com into programs.
  • Cybele Software Inc. - Offers TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack, a line communications of products communications for accessing to IBM Mainframes and communications IBM AS/400, allowing implementations communications of Windows/Web-to-Host applications. [Commercial]
  • ITICountryDetect - A simple object for ASP to detect where does the com web site visitor come from by IP address. By InfoTech com International. [Commercial]
  • Cyberons Networking Suite - A suite of ActiveX controls capable of serving com requests from com HTTP clients, generating and dispatching email, com and monitoring SNMP-enabled network com devices. By Netaphor Software com Inc.
  • Seekford Solutions - ActiveX controls which facilitate the use of internet protocols such com as FTP, SMTP, PO3. Also has a resizer and tooltip, com encoder components. [Commercial]
  • Site Skinner Pro - An internet data transformation engine using POP, SMTP, components FTP, telnet communications and database publishing.
  • Crescent Internet ToolPak - Bundle of ActiveX controls for FTP, HTTP, IMAP4, communications NNTP, POP3, RAS, SMTP, socket client, socket server, communications UUEncode, and Telnet. By Sax Software Corp. [Control, communications Commercial]
  • Kylix MobileSMS - A SMS ActiveX control that gives applications the components capabilities to communications communicate with mobile phones. [Commercial]
  • EasySMS - Used to sending and receiving short messages through com serial cable or IR-port of mobile phone. [Control, com Shareware]
  • Dart Communications - Offers .NET und ActiveX controls for TCP, SNMP com and HTTP/Web. [Control, Commercial]
  • SkFinger - A lightweight and powerful finger client. By Magneto Software. [Control, Shareware]
  • NetworkUtility - An ActiveX component that estimates bandwidth between hosts, communications performs ping components and server ping functions, IPtoHostname and communications HostnametoIP functions, LAN workstation components Info function, and a communications function to programmatically retrieve HTTP pages. components By Essential communications Methods. [Sh
  • SamLogic Internet Components - A collection of components for Internet and Intranet: SMTP, POP3, com FTP, WHOIS, ping, time servers, credit card validation. [Components, Shareware]
  • ActivSocket - Automated telnet sessions, Client/server communication, wake up on lan (WOL). components [Component, Shareware]
  • ServerObjects - A several ActiveX components: e-mail, socket, HTTP, DNS. components By ServerObjects, Inc.
  • BASP21Pro - A COM component can deal with SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, communications HTTP, and can handle the Japanese code conversion easily. [Commercial]
  • WinPopup ActiveX - Let you add LAN messaging functionalities to your communications applications. [Shareware]

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