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  • AspTear - Component for retrieving pages off Web servers and http returns the documents as strings. Supports SSL, proxy http server, and page caching. Requires runtime licensing. By http AlphaSierraPapa. [Component, Commercial]
  • Coalesys HTTP Client - Component to send HTTP requests using any valid request method http and retrieve the HTTP Response Status, Headers and Body as http strings. By Coalesys, Inc. [Component, Commercial]
  • csFileDownload - An ASP Component to control file downloads through an ASP communications script. By Chestysoft. [Commercial]
  • VB5-CGI - Three server side components plus tools for CGI http development. Supports communications any CGI capable Windows web server. http By EazyWare. [Component, Commercial]
  • Stonebroom.SaveForm - Assists in persisting HTTP form parameters to user sessions, text http files, or a database. By Stonebroom Limited. [Component, Commercial]
  • BrowserHawk - An ASP component that detects the type and capabilities of the browser used by users. Requires runtime licensing. By cyScape, Inc. [Component, Commercial]

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