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Repository of free software components released under open source licensing. Features descriptions of components, downloading instructions, and support mailing lists.

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  • SM Software - TXLSFile library for Borland Delphi, OLE XLSFile ActiveX objects library.
  • Chilkat XML Parser - A high-performance RAD XML Parser. Available as ActiveX, .NET, Visual C++ static library, and C++ Builder static library. [Free for commercial use]
  • Aspose - .Net and Java component publisher providing components to components manage file formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, components PDF, and Flash and components for charting, spell components checking, emailing, workflow, and ad hoc query generation.
  • Canarys - Provides modules enterprise applications through the use of component frameworks COM, .Net and Java components.
  • YASU Technologies - Provides components for capturing and leveraging existing business components rules in software development projects.
  • Lassalle Technologies - A software components (ActiveX or .NET) for the component frameworks creation components of diagrams (process flow, workflow, flowchart) and component frameworks for graph components drawing layout.
  • Logilab - Repository of free software components released under open source licensing. components Features descriptions of components, downloading instructions, and support mailing components lists.
  • ComponentSource - Online reseller of software components and tools for all platforms.
  • Imaging components - .NET, ActiveX, VCL multimedia Imaging functions and components.
  • XL Report - Component designed for developing data analysis and report generation solutions through the use of Microsoft Excel ( .Net, ActiveX, Delphi VCL version). Also associated RAD tools for .Net, Delphi and MS Office. By Afalina Soft.
  • ComponentAce - Database, compression and encryption components for Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix, component frameworks ActiveX, .Net, including Absolute Database (file-server BDE alternative), component frameworks ZipForge, Compression Master Suite and FlexCompress. [Commercial]
  • MW6 Technologies - Offers royalty-free software components and applets with evaluation versions for most components along with registration instructions.
  • Virtual Serial Port SDK - Create and manage virtual serial ports from .NET and ActiveX.
  • Springsys Company - Develop, deliver and support professional software components of component frameworks ASP, programming Winform, Java, device drivers, IT solutions for component frameworks small business.
  • AidAim Software - Compression and encryption Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix, Com, component frameworks .Net, ActiveX components and libraries for software developers. component frameworks BDE alternative database engines with SQL support: EasyTable component frameworks (local BDE replacement) and Accuracer Database System (client-server).
  • Altosys Software Technologies - Web based enterprise resource management components and development component frameworks services. Describes tools available, their functionality and component frameworks uses, and corresponding consultancy services offered.
  • Agora Laboratories - Develops and distributes H.323 protocol stacks and video components codecs, some of which provide a bridge to components newer versions of the ITU-T standards.
  • Xceed Software - Offers compression, zip, encryption, grid, and ftp components programming for COM components and .NET and describes APIs.
  • ILOG - Offers industry specific products, ready-made software components, and software development consulting services. Details products, components, and services.
  • DBI Studio Controls - 78 ActiveX and .NET controls in one straight forward, extremely component frameworks easy-to-use package. Includes the top Appointment Scheduling, Data Edit/Input, Dialogue, component frameworks Calendar, Navigation, Animation, General Presentation, Rulers/Meters and List/Treeview controls.
  • Farpoint Technologies, Inc. - Developer and publisher of professional components for Windows development. Products component frameworks include Spread/VBX, Aware/VBX, Grid/VBX, Tab/VBX and Tab Pro.
  • Developer Express - Delphi and C++ Builder RAD VCL components for component frameworks software components development including menus, toolbars, calendar, grid, database component frameworks components - components DBTreeView, DBListView, OrgChart and other non-data component frameworks aware components. Also components ASP.Net components.
  • Gigasoft, Inc. - Offers .Net Chart Control, ActiveX Charts, MFC Charting components Component and Library for scientific, financial, and business components data. Company information, details of products, evaludation downloads, components and pricing.
  • Tensegrity Software - ActiveX and Java applets 2D and 3D business components charts for data visualization and sophisticated Gantt charts components for efficient resource allocation and planning to latest components graphical components to model and present processes and components structures.
  • /n software inc. - Offers Internet components for .NET/.NET CF, ASP/ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM, Java/J2EE, Borland component frameworks VCL, C/C++, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X. [Component/Control, Commercial]

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