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Enterprise JavaBeans Technology* - Sun Microsystem official site.

  • Middlegen EJBCode Generator - A code generation tool for EJB 2.0 CMP/CMR enterprise edition Entity java Beans. It\\'s useful if you have a enterprise edition database with java existing tables and you want to enterprise edition map the tables java to Entity Beans. [Open source, enterprise edition BSD]
  • Eon Technologies - IT solutions provider. Contains profile, overview of products enterprise javabeans and services offered, job opportunities and downloadable case enterprise javabeans studies, technical papers and brochures.
  • araSpect - A server side object inspector for web applications. enterprise edition Through java a web interface drill down in server enterprise edition side java java beans. There are spectial support for enterprise edition Jakarta Struts objects. java Online demo. [Open source, zlib/libpng enterprise edition License]
  • Valesky, Tom - Includes EJB information and links from the author enterprise javabeans of enterprise edition the Addison-Wesley EJB book.
  • Elegant J Beans - A collection of Java Beans. Download, evaluate and buy.
  • WikiWikiWeb EJB Roadmap - EJB section of the well-known WikiWikiWeb pattern repository.
  • Acelet Super - A suite of Enterprise JavaBeans including SuperEnvironment, SuperLogging, enterprise javabeans SuperPeekPoke, SuperReport, SuperScheduler and SuperStress. [Shareware]
  • EJB Foundation Classes - A framework for coding Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) from scratch. java [Open source, GPL]
  • Best Practices in EJB Exception Handling - This article by Srikanth Shenoy covers best practices in EJB enterprise javabeans exception handling for faster problem resolution in production environments.
  • EJB-SIG Homepage - Special Interest Group for Enterprise Java Beans: a enterprise edition joint effort of the German JUG and MGM enterprise edition EDV-Beratung GmbH. Site provides EJB news and a enterprise edition collection of EJB links.
  • EJBDoclet - EJB code generation tool in the form of a Javadoc java doclet. Generates a home interfaces, remote interfaces, CMP layers and java deployment descriptors for each tagged bean class [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • OpenMap - A JavaBeans TM based programmer\\'s toolkit for building applications and applets that access geospatial data from legacy databases and applications. [Open source]
  • Cetus Links: Enterprise JavaBeans - Nice collection of links covering all aspects of EJB.
  • jGuru's EJB FAQ - jGuru\'s Enterprise Java Beans FAQ, edited by Richard Monson-Haefel.

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