Object Request Brokers CORBA Component Frameworks Programming

Object Request Brokers provide the infrastructure for communication between distributed applications.

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  • ORBacus - A robust, full-featured, multithreaded ORB for C++ and Java which component frameworks includes complete source code and is free for non-commercial use. component frameworks (IONA)
  • Borland Enterprise Server, VisiBroker Edition - Full support for CORBA 2.3 with C++ and Java language corba bindings. Includes RMI over IIOP, clustering, and load-balancing.
  • Orbix - IONA\\'s implementation is CORBA 2.5 compliant with early support for corba certain CORBA 3.0 features.
  • MICO Is CORBA - Freely available and fully compliant C++ implementation of the CORBA object request brokers 2.2 standard. [Open Source, GPL/LGPL]
  • TAO - The ACE ORB is a freely available and component frameworks standards-compliant component frameworks real-time implementation of CORBA for C++. [Open component frameworks Source]
  • IIOP.NET - Incorporates CORBA/IIOP support into .NET, leveraging the remoting component frameworks framework. This allows seamless interoperation between .NET, CORBA component frameworks and J2EE distributed objects.
  • Bionic Buffalo - CORBA 2.2 compliant ORB implementing the C-language mapping. component frameworks Java, object request brokers C++ and other mappings are under development.
  • JacORB - Free CORBA 2.x compliant ORB written in Java. component frameworks [Open corba Source, LGPL]
  • OpenORB - A community fork of OpenORB. Provides a Java implementation object request brokers of the CORBA 2.4.2 specification. [Open Source]
  • omniORB - A robust, high-performance CORBA 2 compliant ORB for C++. [Open Source, GPL/LGPL]
  • Orbriver Ada object request broker - Ada 95 implementation of OMG CORBA 2.6 specification.
  • Voyager Edge - An object request broker that simultaneously supports CORBA, component frameworks Web Services and RMI.
  • ORBexpress - Combines high-speed performance with reliability. (Objective Interface Systems)
  • Varadhi - C++ Object Request Broker for embedded systems that conforms to component frameworks OMG\\'s Minimum-CORBA specification. Designed for a small footprint, high performance, component frameworks and easy configurability. (Sankhya Technologies)
  • VBOrb - Written entirely in Visual Basic 5. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • opalORB - A CORBA 3.0 implementation that follows the "CORBA/e Micro Profile" corba recommended subset and is completely written in Perl. [Open Source]

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