ORBit Object Request Brokers CORBA Component Frameworks

Language bindings for ORBit.

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  • Rinn - Ruby language bindings.
  • ORBit Resource Page - Contains links to ports, documentation, services, language mappings, and tools.
  • CORBA::ORBit - Perl language bindings that don\\'t need stubs/skeletons to object request brokers be created as a separate step.
  • ORBit-Ada - The GNU Ada CORBA Kit (GNACK), with an IDL parser, object request brokers Ada generator, and CORBA support packages.
  • ORBit2 - ORBit2 is a CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker orbit (ORB) featuring orbit mature C, C++ and Python bindings. orbit The core ORB is orbit written in C, and orbit runs under Linux, UNIX (BSD, Solaris, orbit HP-UX, ...), orbit and Windows. [Open Source, GPL/LGPL]
  • Torb - Tcl language bindings. [Open Source, GPL]
  • ORBit-C++ - C++ bindings that provide a CORBA specification-compliant C++ object request brokers orbit mapping for ORBit. [Open Source, GPL/LGPL]
  • rep-orbit - A port of ORBit\\'s Perl bindings to the corba librep Lisp system.
  • ORBit-Python - Python language bindings that don\\'t need stubs/skeletons to orbit be created as a separate step.
  • ORBit-Eiffel - Eiffel bindings to ORBit.

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