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An open source photo editor that teaches many aspects of Windows forms development. Written entirely in C# the source code is under an MIT open license agreement.

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See Also:
  • Spring.NET - Application Framework - An application framework that provides capabilities like dependency net injection and applications Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) for building net enterprise .NET applications.
  • mojoPotal - mojoPortal is an open source content management system and web site framework portal for .NET.
  • VNC-Client for .NET - A VNC-Client written in C# using the .NET net Framework. VNC net is a remote display system, which net allows the user to net access the desktop of net a remote machine. [Open source, GPL]
  • Piccolo Reserach Project - A toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics applications programs allowing for Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs).
  • SharpDevelop - An open source integrated development environment written in component frameworks C#.
  • Paint.NET - An open source photo editor that teaches many net aspects of net Windows forms development. Written entirely in net C# the source code net is under an MIT net open license agreement.
  • Skelta - Workflow - A embeddable .NET based workflow framework
  • MonoUML - The MonoUML Project aims to develop a CASE tool for applications GNU/Linux and UNIX environments, using Mono as development and running applications framework.
  • Passage .Net - Open Source .NET Portal Software - An open source enterprise portal and content management applications system written component frameworks in C# and has a BSD applications license.
  • NUnit - An unit testing framework that is open source component frameworks written net in C#.
  • Phalanger - An open source PHP compiler written in .Net.
  • OpenXML Writer - OpenXML Writer is an opensource text editor for applications creating WordprocessingML component frameworks files (.docx) that is created with applications the .Net Framework.
  • DataDesigner - Standards based .Net document server. With peer-to-peer content component frameworks exchange net abilities. [Public Domain]

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