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Explains how resources are allocated and managed, then gives a description of how the garbage collection algorithm works. Also discussed are the way resources can clean up properly when the garbage collector decides to free a resource's memory and how to

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  • - Provides a collection of theme based articles for .net developers.
  • Visual Studio Unites Seven Languages under the .NET Flag - Visual Studio.NET topples cross-language barriers so businesses can articles produce creative component frameworks code quicker. By Tom Yager, articles InfoWorld Test Center.
  • Deploying .NET Software Components - An introduction to .NET Software Components Deployment. By articles Jean-Claude Batista.
  • The Code Project - Jeff Prosise on .NET - Interviews - Jeff Prosise from Wintellect has agreed to step net up to articles the podium and give us his net thoughts on Life, the articles Universe, and .NET. Jeff net Prosise answers your questions on .NET. articles By Chris net Maunder.
  • Microsoft Announces Availability of Visual Studio.NET And .NET Framework Beta 1; Submits C# to ECMA - Announces public availability and standardization of tools and component frameworks platform for building Web services.
  • Avoiding DLL Hell: Introducing Application Metadata in the Microsoft .NET Framework - Describes the use of metadata for easy linking net and loading net of assemblies, the relationship between metadata net and concepts such as net IDL and type libraries, net and the metadata hierarchy. By Matt net Pietrek, MSDN net Magazine.
  • Garbage Collection: Automatic Memory Management in the Microsoft .NET Framework - Explains how resources are allocated and managed, then gives a description of how the garbage collection algorithm works. Also discussed are the way resources can clean up properly when the garbage collector decides to free a resource\\'s memory and how to
  • DevX .NET Zone - Articles and discussions on Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework.
  • Secure Managed Assembly - This article describes a simple yet elegant way articles of securing net managed assemblies from easy disassembly by articles using the powerful interoperability net features of .Net.
  • Microsoft's .NET Impact - Exploiting Microsoft\\'s enterprise application strategy, .NET, should prove a dream component frameworks for IT managers. The pre-beta version is inherently scalable and component frameworks easy to build and deploy, saving valuable time and resources. component frameworks By Tom Yager, InfoWorld Test Center.
  • Visual Studio.Net: Write Once, Run Everywhere? - Microsoft, riding the wave of its newfound popularity component frameworks as an Internet standards supporter, claims it will component frameworks do with .NET what Sun refuses to do component frameworks with Java: push it as an open standard. component frameworks By Paula Rooney, CRN.
  • Microsoft Goes Bonkers - Microsoft\\'s latest announcement, called Microsoft .NET, while touted component frameworks by component frameworks the likes of Fortune Magazine as a component frameworks huge "revolution", component frameworks is really nothing but vaporware. component frameworks By Joel Spolsky.
  • Viewpoint - Microsoft's .NET Strategy - Overview and commentary on .NET and C# initiatives. net By Gopalan component frameworks Suresh Raj.
  • XML in .NET - Microsoft .NET introduces a new suite of XML APIs built on industry standards such as DOM, XPath, XSD, and XSLT. A discussion of the XMLDOM-Document is also included. By Aaron Skonnard, MSDN Magazine.
  • Simplifying Deployment and Solving DLL Hell with the .NET Framework - Introduces the concept of an assembly and describes how the .NET Framework uses assemblies to solve versioning and deployment problems. By Steven Pratschner, Microsoft.
  • Welcome to the .NET Channel - Columnist Paul Thurrott kicks off the Windows 2000 Magazine Network\'s net .NET Channel.
  • Garbage Collection: Automatic Memory Management in the Microsoft .NET Framework, Part 2 - Explains strong and weak object references that help component frameworks to manage memory for large objects, as well component frameworks as object generations and how they improve performance. component frameworks In addition, the use of methods and properties component frameworks for controlling garbage collection, resources for monit
  • Using Resources in Visual Studio .NET - Visual Studio .NET has poor support for managing articles project resources such as bitmaps and icons. This articles is a short tutorial that explains the VS.NET articles resource management model, points you to a useful articles tool for editing resources, and provides example code articles for loa
  • The Advanced C#/.NET Tutorial by Gopalan Suresh Raj - Includes a tutorial on advanced C#/.NET topics like component frameworks .NET Remoting and Channels, Reflection and Dynamic Method component frameworks Invocation, Asynchronous Message Queuing using the .NET and component frameworks COM+ Services, how to make HTTP GET and component frameworks POST requests on Web Page using ASP+, C# component frameworks and
  • 15 Seconds: .NET - Articles and links on .NET. By Corp.
  • .NET: Type Fundamentals - Discusses type fundamentals. Starts off by introducing primitive types and component frameworks then quickly moves on to reference types and value types. component frameworks By Jeffrey Richter, MSDN Magazine.
  • Microsoft Covets High-end Unix Market - In the continuing quest to move higher into articles the enterprise articles data center, Microsoft this week will articles launch its .NET family articles of enterprise servers, including articles Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, the company\\'s articles most powerful articles server operating system yet. By Tom Sulli
  • Doing .NET In Internet Time - Pioneers are testing Microsoft\\'s new architecture, even as components are component frameworks being released. By Don Kiely.
  • Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE: How Do They Stack Up? - A high-level comparison of the two platforms. By Jim Farley, component frameworks O'Reilly.

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