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An interactive and exact collision-detection library for convex polyhedra. Includes the source code (free for noncommercial use), relevant papers, and an MPEG demonstration.

    Top: Computers: Programming: Graphics: Algorithms and Data Structures: Collision Detection: Software

  • RAPID: Robust and Accurate Polygon Interference Detection - A numerically robust library supporting general polygon soups, based on algorithms and data structures oriented bounding box (OBB) trees. The source is available algorithms and data structures for noncommercial use via email. A paper on OBB algorithms and data structures trees is available for download.
  • V-Clip Collision Detection Library - An implementation of the Lin-Canny algorithm for computing collision detection the algorithms and data structures distance between two closed polyhedra. Source collision detection available for algorithms and data structures noncommercial use.
  • Computing the Distance between Objects - An implementation of the Gilbert, Johnson, and Keerthi algorithms and data collision detection structures (GJK) algorithm for tracking the distance between a algorithms and collision detection data structures pair of convex polyhedra. Source available for algorithms collision detection and data structures nonprofit use.
  • SOLID: Software Library for Interference Detection - LGPL standard C++ library for interactive collision detection, algorithms and data structures based on axis-aligned bounding box trees.
  • I_COLLIDE - An interactive and exact collision-detection library for convex software polyhedra. algorithms and data structures Includes the source code (free for software noncommercial use), relevant papers, algorithms and data structures and an MPEG demonstration.
  • V-Collide - A collision detection library for general polygon soups. Combines software I_COLLIDE\\'s "sweep and prune" algorithm with RAPID. Source available software for noncommercial use.

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