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Web sites of businesses who sell APL interpreters or APL-based software products. Note that these businesses are not usually the producers of the interpreters (see the Vendors listing), although they may also provide other services, e.g. consultancy or programming, or even services totally unrelated to APL.

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See Also:
  • Simcorp - One of the leading European software and consulting apl groups for resellers the financial industry.
  • ASTRAC Ltd - Developers and suppliers of Application System (AS) and Info Centre/Enhanced apl (ICE), providing Business Intelligence and Management Information systems to major apl clients world-wide. ASTRAC ICE is written in and links to apl APL2 and is the recommended successor
  • The Rochester Group, Inc. - An interesting company which lists APL as one of many skills.
  • APL Borealis - The pre-eminent supplier of APL products and resellers services in apl Canada.

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