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Ada95 Compilers, Processors, and Conformity Testing and Labs* - Including Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS) 2.4.

  • Irvine Compiler Corp. - Offer Ada development environments for a wide range of host languages and target platforms.
  • OC Systems PowerAda - A complete integrated Ada development environment for AIX and Linux. ada [Commercial]
  • Glade - Implementation of the Ada 95 Distributed Systems Annex, ada allows transparentdistributed languages programming in Ada 95.
  • Rational Ada Developer - IDE for Ada-based applications with support the Ada languages 95,Ada 83, and Apex add-ins.
  • ada2cc - A translator that converts ANSI standard Ada to languages ARM or ada ISO conformant C++.
  • Catalog of compilers: Ada - Diverse, almost two decades old tools for Ada languages programming.
  • Downloading Ada95 - Files and compilers.
  • Validated Compilers - List of validated Ada 95 compilers.
  • XGC - Offer Ada 95 compilers that target various embedded ada computers.
  • Ada Conformity Assessment Authority - Home page for the ACAA. Manages Ada compiler validations.
  • AdaCore - Offer GnatPro (an Ada development environment), a visual code debugger, languages and Ada compilation tools.
  • avlada - A prototype Ada 9X student compiler/interpreter. Its goal is to compilers provide a small Ada 9X compiler/translator that is easy to compilers install and has good performance for compilation and interpretation. Small compilers Development Environment included. [ES (PC/DOS)]
  • Ada to C/C++ translator - A converter software which allows C/C++ source files to be languages generated from Ada83 and Ada95 source files. It doesn\\'t translate languages all the code but tries to translate it as best languages as possible to obtain C/C++ code with the fewest bugs languages possible and whose execution
  • Compilers & Conformance - Ada Information Clearinghouse, AdaIC.
  • Adaed - Ada95 Linux interpreter by Ragnar Hojland Espinosa.
  • GNU Ada Compiler - A community supported site providing binaries for the compilers GNU Ada compilers compilers and numerous Ada libraries. The compilers compiler and most libraries compilers are distributed under the compilers terms of the GPL with the compilers linking/generic exception.
  • WebAda - Free online Ada95 compiler service.
  • DDC-I - Supplier of Ada compilers for safety critical real-time compilers embedded applications.
  • ObjectAda - Compilers for Windows, Unix, the Java Virtual Machine and real-time compilers operating systems. By Aonix.
  • AdaHome Compilers - Vendors of compilers.
  • XD Ada Cross Compilers - From Software Engineering and Products (SWEP) for the M68000 Family ada and MIL-STD-1750A.
  • Janus - Offer Ada 83 and Ada 95 development environments.
  • Green Hills Optimizing Ada 95 Compilers - A fully validated family of Ada 95 Cross ada Compilers for languages real-time targets.

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