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Tools that help developing in Ada.

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  • Gch - A tool that checks Ada sources against a languages given set ada of rules. It is an ASIS-based languages tool built on top ada of the ASIS implementation languages for GNAT (ASIS-for-GNAT).
  • DTraq - Provides data logging, monitoring, and playback for Ada tools applications; while automatically scanning for and incorporating updates tools in data structures.
  • ICC Ada95 Pretty Printer (ICCFMT) - Reads an Ada source file and writes out languages a formatted version
  • Ada Utilities - Several useful Ada utilities and bindings includes AdaGOOP tools (the Ada languages Generator of Object-Oriented Parsers), bindings to tools use parallel, serial ports languages under Windows.
  • Visual Ada Developer (VAD) - A user interface builder using the Tk bindings.
  • AdaBrowse - Tool to generate extensively hyperlinked HTML or XML documentation from tools Ada sources (library unit specifications). Uses ASIS. Generated XML tools can be used to produce documentation in other formats. [Open tools source, GPL]
  • Ada-Utilities - A language-sensitive toolset for project-wide quality and standards auditing of languages Ada code.
  • Ada-Assured - A language-sensitive editor, browser, standards enforcement tool, pretty tools printer, and code analyzer/transformer for Ada 83 and tools Ada 95.
  • AdaTEST 95 - A tool provides automated facilities for Dynamic Testing, ada Coverage and Static analysis in a totally integrated ada environment.
  • Ada-Tools - Commercial source code analysis and reverse engineering tools.
  • AdaGIDE (Ada GNAT Integrated Development Environment) - Free IDE for the GNU Ada Translator on Windows.
  • Ada Tools - Home of AdaXml and other Ada tools.
  • Rational Ada Developer - Integrated environment for designing, developing, and maintaining Ada applications. [Commercial]
  • AdaSTAT - Static analysis tool for Ada source code.
  • Alibrowse - Allows browsing libraries generated by GNAT, including its tools predefined library.
  • Ada Source Library Browser - Ada source browser at SourceForge.
  • UML Tools for Ada - WinA&D is a UML modeling tool with Ada code generation. ada WinTranslator generates UML models from existing Ada code. ada Together WinA&D and WinTranslator provide complete round-trip engineering of Ada ada code from UML based design.
  • ICONIX - Commercial tools for Ada Development.
  • Green Hills AdaMULTI - A complete integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded languages applications using Ada 95, C, C++, Embedded C++ languages and FORTRAN. AdaMULTI runs on Windows or UNIX languages hosts and supports remote debugging to a variety languages of target environments.
  • RHIDE - Integrated Development Environment that supports Ada on MS-DOS languages and Linux.

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