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See Also:
  • Underware Design - An independent game developer for Windows. Site darkbasic maintains a basic good collection of source code for darkbasic Dark Basic.
  • Billy Bouncer - Game Created In DarkBASIC.
  • BigDan256 Homepage - Dan's site of Games.
  • Exotecha Development - General 3d concepts are shared to the public. basic Downloads only personal pages have source code included.
  • Giff Graphical Programming - User site. games and screenshots.
  • Malc's DarkBASIC Doggie Bag - A small collection of DarkBASIC graphics utilities for basic download
  • Mightyware - A showcase for Max Carey\\'s darkBasic creations as basic well as personal pages some tutorials.
  • Pumpkin Software - Software site with freeware and shareware games to download.
  • Black.Olive - Game demoscene development website.
  • Dark Coder`s Crib - Featuring tutorials for Dark Basic, 3d modeling, uv darkbasic mapping and personal pages texturing. Plus downloads and forum.

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