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  • COBOL Programming: Lectures, Tutorials, Examples - Contains COBOL lecture notes, programming exercises with sample languages solutions, a cobol large number of sample programs and languages two full tutorials on cobol the COBOL Report Writer. languages It supports the COBOL programming modules cobol taught at languages the University of Limerick.
  • Obtaining a COBOL Grammar from Legacy Code for Reengineering Purposes - Article by Mark van den Brand, Alex Sellink, Chris Verhoef. faqs, help, and tutorials It include VS COBOL II Grammar.
  • Tiny COBOL Introduction - A tutorial for those who are new to cobol The Tiny faqs, help, and tutorials COBOL Compiler and COBOL in general.
  • All Things COBOL - COBOL programming site containing lecture notes, exercises with cobol sample solutions, programming exam specifications with model answers, cobol project specifications, examples and tutorials making a full cobol COBOL course.
  • COBOL Lectures and Tutorials - COBOL programming lectures and tutorials for course CS4312 languages from the University of Limerick. The programming lectures languages presented are delivered using Microsoft PowerPoint slides and languages may be downloaded as one 612K file.
  • COBOL Resources - Directory of COBOL learning resources.
  • ZingCOBOL: A Beginner's Guide to COBOL Programming - Offer the basics of COBOL including debugging code and program samples.
  • Allexperts COBOL Q&A - Volunteer experts answer questions about programming in Cobol cobol for free.

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