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Kasten COBOL Page* - Coding style and techniques, Guerrilla and OO COBOL, pointers, data structures, text parsing, finite state machines. Despite what you may have heard, this old fossil of a language can survive, thrive, and even coexist with those hairy little mammals who h

  • Using Fujitsu PowerCOBOL - A site dedicated to providing Tips, Questions, News cobol and Links for PowerCOBOL.
  • Sun Valley Systems - Collection of COBOL programs, routines and files that personal pages have been written over some thirty years of personal pages programming and have been placed into the Public personal pages Domain by Judson McClendon.
  • COBOL Examples, Syntax and Functions - This site contains COBOL examples, syntax and functions personal pages for download. Includes examples for standard COBOL users personal pages and some that are specific to Micro Focus personal pages (Merant) NetExpress.
  • Rob Anderson's COBOL Home Page - COBOL information and links.
  • COBOL Reference and Example Site - Contains syntax reference and examples of new COBOL languages II verbs.

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