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Allow create compact data-aware programs which doesn't need any Installer programs. The code to access your Database is compiled in your project executable file. It take only a few kilobyte in your exe file and doesn't need any other file to run. [Open So

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  • Luxena Informix Data Access Components (IDAC) - A component set provides interaction between VCL (Delphi/C++Builder) based applications components and Informix database server. IDAC is based on the native components Informix Client API. [Commercial]
  • CodeBase Components II for Delphi and C++ Builder - An encapsulation of the CodeBase Database Engine into delphi a series of Delphi and C++ Builder VCL delphi components.
  • TBetterADODataSet - A direct descendant of Borland\\'s TADODataSet component. It delphi works around several bugs, extends some features of delphi TCustomADODataSet. Also it introduces new features not surfaced delphi in TADODataSet. By Vassil Nazarov.
  • Extended Stored Procedure - A component for Delphi provides a convenient way to write custom exctended procedures for MS SQL Server. [Commercial]
  • ComponentAce Absolute Database - A high-speed single-file embedded Delphi database system with strong encryption. delphi [Free and commercial versions]
  • Direct Oracle Access - Allround Automations has a set of Delphi components databases that components access Oracle direct.
  • SQL Server Data Access Components (SDAC) - A set of nonvisual components for Borland Delphi databases and C++ databases Builder. They provide access to Microsoft databases SQL Server and are databases an alternative to a databases standard way of accessing databases using databases Borland Database databases Engine (BDE). By Core Lab.
  • CB4 Tables - A wrapper around the CodeBase library to access components FoxPro, Clipper or dBase tables from within Delphi, components Kylix and C++ Builder. It works the same components as a (BDE) TTable. By Tiriss.
  • Simple Query - SQL query builder for Delphi - Set of native VCL components which allow the databases inclusion of query builder into applications.
  • Component Store Ltd. - Delphi components and AS/400 software.
  • FastQueryBuilder - A visual SQL query builder component for Delphi/C++Builder. [Commercial]
  • MicroOLAP - Components for direct access to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS components SQL, Sybase ASA/ASE. [Commercial]
  • Diamond Access - Set of Delphi components, that provide high-speed performance when working with Microsoft\\'s Access databases. Diamond Access uses Data Access Objects 3.5 (DAO) to work directly with a Jet engine, providing fastest possible interface to the Access database
  • Softvector Data Access Components - ODBC Data Access Components (DAC) and DbExpress Driver for SAP components DB. By Softvector Company. [Commercial]
  • Visoco Software - Components for direct access to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Sybase delphi ASA/ASE. [Commercial]
  • Open QueryBuilder (OQBuilder) - A visual query builder VCL component for BDE, databases ADO, IBO, IBX, DBX, FIBPlus. By Sergey Orlik databases and Fast Reports, Inc.[Freeware]
  • General SQL Parser - A VCL component developed to help people who want to components parse SQL statements in their own program.
  • Accuracer Database System - A single-file multi-user (both file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement databases is based on embedded BDE alternative native Delphi database engine databases with SQL support, data compression, strong encryption, transactions, ODBC driver. databases [Commercial]
  • Software Science Inc, TOPAZ for Delphi - A database access component library.
  • Etv Library - Components for rapid DB applications development. Powerful lookup components, enhanced delphi DBGrid, query and filter builder and sorting datasets.
  • VISOCO BDP.NET for Sybase ASE - A .Net provider for direct access to ASE for Delphi delphi for .Net 8 and C# Builder.
  • NCOCI8 - A component library for direct access to Oracle8 server. Information components related to Delphi and Oracle.
  • tDbf - Allow create compact data-aware programs which doesn\\'t need databases any Installer databases programs. The code to access your databases Database is compiled in databases your project executable file. databases It take only a few kilobyte databases in your databases exe file and doesn\\'t need any other file databases databases to run. [Open So
  • Luxena dbExpress eXtension - A component set for Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix databases development IDEs. The set is a successor of databases Borland dbExpress components and unique BDE and ADO databases alternative for dbExpress development. [Commercial]
  • TAccessDSNCreator - Allows you to change all the properties of delphi the Microsoft delphi Access DSN types. By G. Wilson delphi and Associates. [Commercial; D4,D5]
  • GX Dimansion - A BDE alternative structured data storage with Delphi-compatible typification. It components can be used with Delphi Personal Edition. [Commercial]
  • TurboDB - A desktop database engine, which compiles completely into databases a Delphi/Kylix/C++ components Builder application. It replaces the BDE databases and offers additional benefit components like full-text search and databases Unicode support.
  • Devrace FIBPlus - A suite of components for direct access to FireBird and delphi Interbase. Full support of SQLDialect 3, support of array-fields, emulation delphi of boolean fields, multi-table and multi-transaction modification of data.
  • Oracle Data Access Components - Provides direct access to Oracle database from Delphi, components C++ Builder and Kylix. With Net edition don\\'t components require Oracle client. By Core Lab.
  • AnyDAC (Any Data Access Components) - A multi-DBMS data access framework with multi-layered, plugable components architecture for Borland Delphi. [Freeware]

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