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Fortran codes for the Fast Fourier Transform.

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See Also:
  • Jörgs Useful and Ugly FFT page - Code and links in Fortran and C for fast fourier transforms source code the Fast Fourier Transform.
  • Romo's Free Software - OFFT, "Outrageously Fast Fortran Transpose", and BFFFT, "Blazingly fortran Fast FFT, fortran 2-Dimensional Vectorized Fast Fourier Transform" written fortran in Fortran 90.
  • A Short Demonstration Version of the FFT - Source code of a subroutine to transform (forward fast fourier transforms source code or inverse) a one-dimensional complex array in place.
  • Ernst Mayer - Fortran 90 codes for Fast Fourier Transforms and Discrete Weighted fortran Transforms, for use in number theory research.
  • FFTPK90 - Translation of fftpack and vfftpk to Fortran 95 fast fourier transforms by Simon Clarke.
  • Fast Fourier Transform code - By James Van Buskirk.
  • Pipelined phase-rotation FFT - By David O\\'Halloran. The Welchel phase-rotation FFT is a new form of the fast Fourier transform (FFT) that replaces data movement at runtime with equivalent multiplications by precomputed constants. The result is an FFT that is easy to pipeline.
  • CHIRP-Z transform for FFTs - Little known algorithm for calculating the FFT of fast fourier transforms a series of any length. Based upon Applied fast fourier transforms Statistics algorithms 117 and 83.

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