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Direct3D's High-Level Shading Language

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  • HLSL Reference - Microsoft\\'s documentation on using HLSL. Includes an overview, tutorials, sample code and debugging tips.
  • Introduction to the DirectX9 HLSL - Diagrams, documentation, intrinsic functions, input/output semantics, and numerous code samples.[PDF]
  • DirectX using C# and HLSL - Tutorial on using HLSL with C#. Includes languages an overview, languages code samples and screen shots.
  • Generating Shaders From HLSL Fragments - Demonstrates shader permutations based on fragments of shader languages code. languages Includes resulting assembler code.
  • HLSL Workshop - Microsoft\\'s overview on using HLSL. Includes tutorials hlsl and examples hlsl for lighting, texture mapping, and animation.
  • Xbox 360 - HLSL Attributes - Microsoft documentation on using HLSL with Xbox 360. Explains languages conditionals and flow control: branching, looping and optimization.
  • Facewound HLSL Pixel Shader tutorial - Overview, sample code and screen shots for post-processing views using languages HLSL pixel shaders.
  • Ohloh: Brahma Project - Brahma\\'s open source project for abstracting HLSL on .NET/C# - languages project history. Includes links to source code and examples.
  • HLSL Introduction - Chang Li\\'s overview of HLSL. Includes code hlsl samples and screen shots of common shader operations.

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