Shading Languages

Articles on OpenGL Shaders: specifications, tutorials, sample code, and comparisons.

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  • Shading Languages - Powerpoint presentation on 3D shading languages. Includes coding comparisons programming and pros/cons of various shading languages.
  • GLSL vs Cg - Compares the APIs, workflow and variable types between programming GLSL and languages Cg.
  • Hardware-Based Nonlinear Filtering and Segmentation - Whitepaper on using high-level shading languages to provide non-linear image filtering. Includes an abstract, diagrams and metacode.[PDF]
  • Shader Programming - Dr. Jian Huang\\'s presentation on OpenGL shaders; includes history, overview, rendering examples, and comparisons of ARB vs Cg.[PDF]
  • Shader Theory - A tutorial on the basics of shading theory programming in 3D languages computer graphics.
  • OpenGL Geometry Shader4 Extension - Specification for OpenGL\\'s geometry shader APIs. Geometry shaders live in between vertex and fragment shaders in OpenGL\\'s pipeline, and are used to introduce new primitives based on incoming vertices. Detailed documentation and pipeline diagram.
  • OpenGL Shader Designer - A freeware shader development IDE for Windows; aids programming in developing shading languages vertex and fragment (pixel) shaders in programming GLSL. Includes tools, shading languages tutorials, and sample Space programming Invaders app (requires VC++ 4).
  • Shading Languages for Graphics Hardware - Language-independent overview of 3D shading language pipelines. shading languages Describes application to GPU architectures.[PDF]
  • GPU Shading - GLSL and ARB examples of texture mapping and lighting; includes code examples and screen shots.[PDF]
  • Wikipedia: Shading Language - Provides an overview and history of various shading languages languages.
  • Shader Language Comparison - PDF comparing HLSL, GLSL and Cg. Includes programming diagrams and code samples.[PDF]

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