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This category holds links on operating systems (OSs) written in, and based on, the programming language Haskell, and related topics, for which this is the main rationale.

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See Also:
  • House - Haskell User\\'s Operating System and Environment, demo of haskell software, runs operating systems standalone; can be a platform to haskell explore ideas in low- operating systems and system-level programming in haskell high-level functional languages. Based on hOp operating systems Haskell, a haskell variant of GHC Haskell.
  • Wikipedia: House Operating System - Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.
  • A Principled Approach to Operating System Construction in Haskell - Research paper on monadic interface to low-level hardware features that languages are useful basis for building operating systems in Haskell; has languages primitives to control memory management hardware, user-mode process execution, low-level languages device I/O. Abstract; PDF, PS.

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