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Plots various types of two-dimensional charts such as pie charts, line charts, bar charts, scatter plot charts, and combo charts; and supports magnification and resizing. [Open source, LGPL]

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See Also:
  • Visual Mining - Performance dashboard, graphical reporting and charting tools to charts quickly create dashboards, reporting and online graphs. [Commercial]
  • The JetChart Library - Generates a variety of charts, including line, pie, class libraries and class libraries bar. [Commercial]
  • KavaChart - A collection of Java charting utilities, including applets, beans, server-side imaging tools, and COM objects. [Commercial with demo]
  • Express Chart - Tools for visual chart editing and creation from class libraries a charts wide selection of templates and styles.
  • JGACE (Java Graph and Chart Engine) - A chart library with a flexible building-block-architecture. It class libraries has an API for off-screen operations like printing class libraries or creating images and contains many 2D and class libraries 3D chart implementations. [Shareware]
  • 3D Multi Series Column Chart Bean - Enable you to add column charts to your graphics applications. Features grouped into several different data objects graphics to make implementation simpler and more flexible. [Commercial graphics w/demo and lite version]
  • Ptplot - 2D data plotter and histogram tool implemented in graphics Java. Ptplot can be used as a standalone graphics applet or application, or it can be embedded graphics in your own applet or application. [Open Source]
  • JOpenChart - A Java library for rendering various kinds of charts charts and to include them into WWW and charts Swing applications. It can interpolate measured data and charts plot arbitrary mathematical functions. [OpenSource, GPL]
  • RChart - Java charting package that can be used as graphics bean, servlet charts or applet. Requires almost no programming graphics since charts are designed charts using RChart Visual Builder. graphics [Commercial]
  • QN Plot - This chart implementation provides graphs of one or charts more functions charts as Swing components. The design was charts made to render large charts amounts of real-time data. charts [Open Source, BSD]
  • Big Faceless Graph Library - A class library for creating graphs and charts charts in Java. charts Backed by a full 3D engine, charts it can plot 2D charts or shaded 3D Pie charts Charts, Line Graphs, Area and Bar charts Graphs from charts any viewpoint to PNG, Flash, PDF or SVG. charts charts [Commercial w/ trial]
  • Plotlib Toolkit - Extensible object-oriented graphing framework using the Java2D API, supporting XML, charts and with additional simplified classes for common requirements. [Open Source, charts GPL]
  • ChartDirector for Java - A Java chart and graph library designed for class libraries JSP server side usage. Allows charts to be class libraries composed through layers. [Free and commercial versions]
  • Singleton Labs - Provides a charting library: MonarchCharts, which supports pie, bar, and 3D charts; interactive features include scrolling, zooming and 3D chart rotation. [Commercial]
  • xmlCharts - An easy way to configure and draw charts class libraries from class libraries XML. XmlCharts is written in Java and class libraries used jCharts. class libraries [Open source, LGPL]
  • Charts Package - ILOG JViews Component Suite - Provides complete support for Web-based charting, bringing truly dynamic, interactive class libraries charts to Web GUIs. [Commercial]
  • EasyCharts - A complete library of chart and graph components charts that can display bars, columns, lines, and pies charts with overlays. [Commercial]
  • JFreeChart - Creates charts such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, class libraries time series charts, candlestick charts, high/low/open/close charts, wind plots, and class libraries meter charts. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • jCharts - A 100% Java based charting utility that outputs a variety class libraries of charts. This package is ideal for displaying charts via class libraries Servlets.
  • Enterprise Graphs and Charts - Charting components for use in both server-side and client-side applications. class libraries [Commercial]
  • Chart2D - Plots various types of two-dimensional charts such as class libraries pie class libraries charts, line charts, bar charts, scatter plot class libraries charts, and class libraries combo charts; and supports magnification and class libraries resizing. [Open source, class libraries LGPL]

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