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Library to parse mathematical expressions like x^2+sin(x)-root(1/3*x). The following mathematical operations are supported: + - * / ( ) ^ root log sin cos tan asin acos atan. [Open source, GPL]

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  • JGraphT - A class library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms. java JGraphT supports a rich gallery of graphs and is designed java to be powerful, extensible and easy to use. [Open source, java LGPL]
  • JMathTools - A mathematical Java toolbox designed to be easily math and calculations math and calculations used and modified for scientific software engineering. [Open math and calculations math and calculations source, BSD License]
  • JMP - Sparse matrix library - A library for sparse matrix computations. Includes a java sparse BLAS, many iterative solvers for different problems, java sparse matrix I/O and parallelization. [Open source, GPL]
  • ArciMath BigDecimal - Fast and improved BigDecimal class. [Commercial/Free]
  • JEP - Java Mathematical Expression Parser - Java classes for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. class libraries math and calculations Supports multiple variables and user-defined functions. [Open class libraries source, GPL math and calculations or commercial]
  • Significant Figures - Handles parsing, rounding, and displaying numbers for scientific java applications.
  • Java Numerics - Working group that offers presentation, news, and libraries math and calculations math and calculations related to numerical computing.
  • Colt - High performance scientific and technical computing data structures class libraries and methods. (Open Source, Attribution)
  • JeksParser - Parses and computes expressions or functions primarily for class libraries use java in spreadsheet applications such as the example class libraries provided. [Beta java Evaluation]
  • JFormula - A Java library for evaluating mathematical expression. It java is compatible math and calculations with the JDK 1.1 and later. java [Shareware]
  • Mersenne Twister Pseudo Random Number Generator Classes - Offers multiple replacement implementations for java.util.Random. [Open Source]
  • JMatLink - Connects Java and MATLAB. Native methods make it possible to java use MATLAB\\'s computational engine inside your own java applications, applets java and servlets. [Freeware, source available]
  • Math Parser - Package to parse and evaluate mathematical expressions at class libraries runtime. [Commercial]
  • AutoAbacus - An equation solving library that finds solutions to class libraries equation class libraries sets. A set of equations can be class libraries passed in class libraries as text, while AutoAbacus attempts to class libraries find a solution class libraries that satisfies all constraints. [Commercial, class libraries trial version]
  • FPLib - A small Java class that implements methods to math and calculations class libraries perform arithmetic operations on 16:16 fixed-point numbers. [Open math and calculations class libraries source, MIT license]
  • Mantissa (Mathematical Algorithms for Numerical Tasks In Space System Applications) - A class library devoted to simulation, including an java ODE solving package, as well as least square java estimators, solvers, polynomials, basic statistics features. [Open source, java BSD-like]
  • Mathematical expression parser library for Java [GPL] - Library to parse mathematical expressions like x^2+sin(x)-root(1/3*x). The following java mathematical operations are supported: + - * / ( ) java ^ root log sin cos tan asin acos atan. [Open java source, GPL]
  • JEPLite - A light-weighted (re)implementation of the Java Expression Parser class libraries ( math and calculations The intention is to strip some of class libraries its not-so-often-used math and calculations features, and thus speeding the rest. class libraries Includes expression optimizer. math and calculations [Open source, GPL]
  • Decimal Arithmetic for Java - Improved BigDecimal class from IBM. [Open source]

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