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  • Hidden Field Equations (HFE) in Java - Java implementation of the public key cryptosystem Hidden cryptography Field Equations (HFE). Also includes matrix and finite cryptography field operations. [Open source, GPL]
  • RSA BSAFE - Toolkits for SSL, general cryptography, and PKI. [Commercial]
  • Network Security Services for Java (JSS) - Libraries used internally by Netscape and iPlanet products math and calculations math and calculations that do crypto in Java. [Mozilla]
  • J2SSH Maverick - A fully featured SSH2 library. By 3SP LTD. math and calculations [Commercial]
  • Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) - Provides framework and implementations for encryption, key generation and key math and calculations agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms.
  • FlexiCrypt - Crypto toolkit based on FlexiProvider.
  • FlexiProvider - An open source cryptographic class library for the cryptography JCA/JCE architecture. [Open Source with registration]
  • JSDSI - Reimplemented the Java SDSI (Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure) math and calculations cryptography API. [Open source, MIT License]
  • IAIK Java Crypto Products - Provides a set of Java-based crypto products. Java class libraries implementation cryptography TLS, SSLv3 and SSLv2(client side), S/MIMEv2. [Commercial]
  • QuartzLight in Java - Public key signature system QuartzLight [Open Source, GPL].
  • The PC1 Encryption Algorithm - The source code of the 128-bit PC1 cipher algorithm in Java.
  • Legion of The Bouncy Castle - Provides open source implementations of the Java Cryptography class libraries Extension math and calculations 1.2.1, and a lightweight Java Cryptography API class libraries for the math and calculations J2ME, and the JDK. [Open Source]

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