Platform Specific Class Libraries Java Languages

Open Source Java libraries which allow developers to use features of specific platforms.

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  • xFunction JNI Proxy - Java class library allowing you to make any native API platform specific call and invoke functions from DLLs and shared libraries without platform specific having to learn or use JNI and C/C++ programming. Available platform specific for Windows and Linux. [Shareware]
  • GNU Readline for Java - Java-Native-Interface wrapper to readline for every platform platform specific supporting platform specific the readline, history and termcap libraries. [Open platform specific Source, LGPL]
  • JET API - Java libraries and Java Beans providing access to platform specific 3270 and 6530 mainframe hosts.
  • JNIWrapper - Bridge technology that allows calling functions from native java APIs or java from any native DLLs and libraries java without using JNI in java Java Programs. Available for java Windows, Linux and Mac. [Shareware]
  • JTOpen - Open Source toolkit for accessing AS/400 features from java Java code. class libraries Requires the AS/400 operating system. [Open java Source, IBM Public License]

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