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Harold Thimbleby discusses why Java itself as a programming language leaves much to be desired and highlights a few serious problems with Java's design.

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See Also:
  • Softpanorama Java Page - A skeptical look at Java from the Open Source Software languages Educational Society.
  • A critique of Java - Harold Thimbleby discusses why Java itself as a java programming language java leaves much to be desired and java highlights a few serious java problems with Java's design.
  • Why I Am Not A Java Programmer - Paper by Michael G. Schwern in which he criticism explains his reasons for disliking Java.
  • Java is Afraid of Unions - By Rajesh Patkar. Unions give different views of looking at languages the same memory location.
  • Java Sucks - Rant by Jamie Zawinski, with many detailed criticisms criticism of the criticism Java language itself and its supporting criticism libraries.
  • The Problems with JSP - Why pure JavaServer Pages isn\\'t the solution. Describes alternatives and java better ways to use JSP.

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