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Seasoned programmer Thomas Niemann thinks the increasingly widespread use of object-oriented programming in embedded development is largely unwarranted. Followed by a contrary view from the technical editor of Embedded Systems Programming.

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  • Nuts to OOP! - Seasoned programmer Thomas Niemann thinks the increasingly widespread methodologies use of object-oriented object-oriented programming in embedded development is methodologies largely unwarranted. Followed by object-oriented a contrary view from methodologies the technical editor of Embedded Systems object-oriented Programming.
  • Why OO Sucks - Short essay by Erlang programmer critiques object-oriented programming from the criticism perspective of functional programming, mostly.
  • Extensible Programming for the 21st Century - Is an open, more flexible programming environment just object-oriented around the corner? Article by Gregory V. Wilson. object-oriented ACM Queue.
  • OO Example Code - Example using object-oriented polymorphism in object-oriented and non object-oriented programming languages.
  • Objects Have Failed - By Richard P. Gabriel; OOPSLA 2002 address, Seattle, WA. A methodologies paradigm fails when the narrative it embodies fails to speak methodologies truth, or when its proponents embrace it beyond reason.
  • Software Reality - Articles about software development, especially methodologies such as criticism Extreme Programming and ICONIX. Also includes links and criticism discussions.
  • Object Oriented Programming Oversold! - Essay by "Topmind", a comp.objects regular; organized as methodologies rebuttal of a series of alleged OOP myths, methodologies argues that OOP is far less effective for methodologies custom business software than the industry often assumes. methodologies Long criticism on many levels and variables.
  • The Risks Digest Volume 8: Issue 8 - Bruce Karsh argues that structured programming "is a methodologies really bad object-oriented idea that has been holding back methodologies progress for years". Not object-oriented intentionally humorous.
  • USENIX - Invited Talk: Objecting to Objects - Paper which argues that OOP\\'s main benefits stem object-oriented from helping developers think more clearly - and object-oriented that these benefits can be gained without using object-oriented OOP.

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