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Creates a small (6k) dos executable to load the jre (if it is installed) and then pass it the name of your class file. (Not needed with JDK 1.2 and above, which have executable jar files).

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  • Jelude - An EXE wrapper for JAR files, built with an NSIS installer.
  • Java Runner - Creates a small (6k) dos executable to load executable wrappers the jre (if it is installed) and then executable wrappers pass it the name of your class file. executable wrappers (Not needed with JDK 1.2 and above, which executable wrappers have executable jar files).
  • JLauncher - Java exe application launcher. [Freeware]
  • Java Service Wrapper - Makes it possible to install a Java Application development tools as deployment a Windows NT Service or a UN*X development tools daemon. [Open deployment Source]
  • JWinSvc - Wrapper designed for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 which enables to development tools run Java applications as usual NT services. [Commercial]
  • exe4j - A Java EXE maker that helps integrate Java applications into the Windows operating environment. [Shareware]
  • JSmooth - a Java Executable Wrapper creation system that generates deployment Win32 executable deployment files (.exe) [Open Source, GPL]
  • jStart32 - a Win32-EXE wrapper to start JAVA Applications running executable wrappers on development tools Windows 2000 or Windows XP. [Open Source, executable wrappers GPL]
  • Xenoage Java Exe Starter - Creates an Exe to start a embedded Jar with an executable wrappers icon and allows JRE-selection. [Open Source, GPL]
  • JExeCreator - Create native 32-bit Windows executables for launch Java development tools applications. deployment [Shareware]
  • launch4j - Cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating windows native executables. [Open executable wrappers source, GPL/LGPL]
  • NativeJ - Generates native EXE for Java applications in a simple point-and-click development tools interface.
  • JavaExe - Makes it possible to launch a Java application deployment starting from development tools a .exe under Windows and to deployment associate its own icon, development tools or launch it as deployment System Services. [Freeware]
  • Jpackages - execJ - Builds an Windows .exe from Java Applications which deployment may run as a Windows Service with API deployment controls.
  • Executor - Creates a Win32 executable file from an executable development tools jar file. [Commercial]

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