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  • Create Dual Interface COM Objects Using VJ++ 6.0 - This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to extensions create or java-com use a dual-interface Java COM component extensions using Visual J++ 6.0. java-com (Microsoft)
  • Create and Format an Excel Workbook Using Visual J++ Auto - This article describes Automating Excel 97 from a faqs, help, and java-com tutorials Visual J++ client using the Java programming language. faqs, help, java-com and tutorials The project uses the Excel 8.0 type library, faqs, java-com help, and tutorials and illustrates object oriented programming. (Microsoft)
  • Use Connectable Objects Including ActiveX Objects in Java - This article describes how to use connectable objects and receive their events in Java. (Microsoft)
  • Automate PowerPoint Using Visual J++ - This article demonstrates how to Automate Microsoft PowerPoint using Visual extensions J++. You can also apply similar code and procedures to extensions automate other Microsoft Office applications. (Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Visual J++ FAQ - This article covers some of the most FAQs about the java-com Microsoft Visual J++. (Microsoft)
  • Debugging a COM Server Written with Visual J++ - This article explains how to debug a Java extensions COM object that is referenced by a client extensions that is written in another language such as extensions C++ or Visual Basic 5.0. (Microsoft)
  • Using DllSurrogate Support for Java/DCOM Servers - This article explains how to use a Java extensions COM object as a DCOM server using the extensions system surrogate provided by DCOM in Windows 95 extensions and Windows NT 4.0 with SP2 or SP3. extensions (Microsoft)
  • Using a Java Class with Active Server Pages - This article demonstrates how one can use a faqs, help, and tutorials Java class as an ActiveX server side object faqs, help, and tutorials with Microsoft ASP. (Microsoft)
  • Use Java Serialization with VARIANT SafeArrays - The describes the functionality of MS JVM library to convert data from ObjectOutputStream to a SafeArray and vice versa. (Microsoft)

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