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  • jacoZoom - Automates COM/Automation-Servers using Java, JNI-based. [Commercial]
  • JACOB - Project for JAva COm Bridge, lets Java call extensions local (Exe) and in-process (DLL) COM Automation servers extensions from any JVM on Win32 platform. [Open Source]
  • J-Integra - Pure Java bridge to COM. [Commercial]
  • TeamDev Ltd.: ComfyJ - A bi-directional Java-COM bridge allowing to integrate Java extensions applications with COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX libraries and expose Java objects extensions as COM objects without writing native code. [Commercial, extensions trial version]
  • Java2COM - Enables Java applets and applications to use and call COM objects from Java code. By Neva Object Technology, Inc.
  • EZ JCom - Wrapper tool for accessing COM objects from Java. [Commercial]

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