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  • Help4j - Repository of code examples from open source projects, java tips, links faqs, help, and tutorials and utility classes organized by Java java method and class. Windows faqs, help, and tutorials and Unix/Linus versions. Integrates java with JavaDoc.
  • The Java Home of Kaan - The Java Scratchbook and shortcuts : code samples references and examples java sorted by package names. Java Certification references programmer exam questions and java answers. JDBC/ODBC connection with references MS Access. Terras Game. Topics java Deployment Directory references Services (Dutch). Quality Pro
  • Java Gotchas - Tricky parts to the Java computer language - faqs, help, and faqs, help, and tutorials tutorials quirks, features and nasty surprises, and how to faqs, help, faqs, help, and tutorials and tutorials get around them.
  • Java Glossary - Roedy Green's glossary of Java-related terms.
  • Jax Systems: DocJar: - Open Source Java code search engine. Browse Java faqs, help, and references tutorials documents and source code. Includes a free Eclipse faqs, help, references and tutorials plug-in to allow users to browse the site faqs, references help, and tutorials from their Eclipse IDE.

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