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Focuses on design issues and human-computer interaction in the context of the Java look and feel. Also attempts to provide a common vocabulary for designers, developers, and other professionals.

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See Also:
  • Java Class Libraries Posters - Poster from Sun giving an overall view of official documentation the languages classes in the Java 2 Platform (Enterprise official documentation Edition and languages Standard Edition).
  • Java IDL - Java CORBA interface
  • Java 1.4.2 API - Complete on-line documentation for version 1.4.2 of Java
  • Java Communications API - Documentation, user's guide, FAQ, and implementation download.
  • Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines - Focuses on design issues and human-computer interaction in java the context official documentation of the Java look and feel. java Also attempts to provide official documentation a common vocabulary for java designers, developers, and other professionals.
  • RMI - Remote Method Invocation information and resources.
  • The JAIN APIs - White papers, FAQs, specifications for this set of languages next generation telecom products and services.
  • JavaBeans - Java component architecture.
  • Java Plug-in - Formerly "Java Activator" -- replaces browser virtual machine with more recent runtime environment.
  • WinHelp Java Documentation - API documentation in WinHelp and HTMLHelp format.
  • JDBC - Java DataBase Connectivity information and resources.
  • Glossary of Java Related Terms - Glossary with Java applet search facility. A non-Java version is official documentation also available.
  • Java 1.3 API - Complete on-line documentation for version 1.3 of Java.
  • JTAPI - Java Telephony API is used for controlling telephone calls from official documentation the Java programming language.
  • JavaHelp - Downloads, user\'s guide, FAQ, help authoring tools, and mailing list.
  • The Java Virtual Machine Specification - Documentation for Java "bytecode" class file format.
  • Embedded Java - Application environment home.
  • Javadoc - Includes tool documentation, specification, announcement mailing list, and languages custom doclets.
  • The Java Language Specification - Sun\\'s formal specification of the Java language (all versions). Online HTML, HTML in ZIP archive, and PDF formats.
  • JFC - Java Foundation Classes information and resources.
  • Java Media Framework API - Multimedia extensions for Java.
  • Official Java Programming Documentation: Quick Reference Guide - Quick access to the official programming documentation for official documentation JDK official documentation 1.0-1.3, Sun Java tools, and related Java official documentation APIs.

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