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A resource site for the Java Community. Articles, examples, books and book reviews, forum, test center for Java certification, downloads, news.

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  • Java on HP-UX - Technical information including news, tips, and downloads.
  • java.blogs - Group aggregation for Java-related weblogs.
  • JSurfer - News, links, and forums.
  • - Directory of applets (with and without source), games, java tricks, tips, news, and links.
  • - Offers user provided examples of class/method usage.
  • Perry Smith Enterprises Java Q & A - Includes message boards, chat rooms, coding examples, and job opportunities.
  • The Java Memory Model - Bill Pugh\'s collection of resources and a mailing java list.
  • Marty Hall's Java Programming Resources - FAQs, tutorials, compiler and browser download sites, documentation, java book lists, java and applet and class library collections.
  • JPackage - Project providing a set of Linux RPM packages of software written in Java.
  • Programmers Heaven - Links, articles, tutorials, and message boards.
  • Java Sound Resources - Resources related to API, including example code and FAQ.
  • Light Development - Open source applications and components for Java developers. java SimplyHTML related java tools. SocketTalk is a library of java Java[tm] classes to simplify java peer to peer communication java through sockets. Resources.
  • JavaJunkies - Community for developers, allows users to post questions languages about the resources language and discuss topics with like-minded languages individuals.
  • - Directory of applets, tutorials, references, and articles.
  • Planet JDK - Weblog aggregator for JDK community members.
  • Java Open Source Software - A directory of open source software focused on Java.
  • ACME Java - Applets, applications, utility classes. ACME Java FAQ. Some java bugs and resources deficiencies founded in JDK. Resources.
  • JavaRanch - Includes study material for Java certification, a discussion languages forum and articles geared towards Java beginners.
  • Javapedia - A wiki-style reference for the Java programming language languages and other related technologies.
  • The Artima Developer Community - Collection of resources about Java, Jini, the JVM, languages and object oriented design. Includes articles, books, tutorials, languages FAQs, discussion forums, applets, source code, and seminars.
  • Microsoft Technologies for Java - News and technical information.
  • Woodger's Java Resources - Original articles on language-level issues, as well as resources client and java server-side development.
  • Cetus Links - Collection of links to articles, tutorials, and FAQs.
  • - A developer portal, featuring a variety of projects, forums, a languages knowledgebase, and news feeds.
  • Java Zone - DevX community with discussion forums, FAQs, tutorials, and technical articles.
  • The Java Boutique - A collection of applets, applications, and servlets. Also features developer java news, tutorials, and reviews.
  • Borland Java Community - JBuilder's developer community with FAQs, documentation, and patches.
  • Java Performance Tuning - Tips, resources, and monthly newsletter on improving the java performance of java applications.
  • Java Touch - Provides resources related to Java technology, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, resources and XML.
  • SkillFox - Featuring SCJP, SCEA, SCBCD mock exams, tutorials. Also Java EE languages articles and discussion board.
  • Java Technology Center for Compaq Alpha Systems - Documentation and downloads for Alpha systems.
  • - Collection of online javadocs for many popular packages. java Includes search languages and user contributed notes.
  • Jaagle - Links to components, applets, and information organized by languages category.
  • Java Community Process Program - Information on latest JSR status.
  • IBM Java developerWorks - Tutorials, regular articles on best coding practice, news, java and free software.
  • The Java Lobby - Independent organization that supports the promise of Java\\'s "Write Once, Run Anywhere" (WORA) promise. Includes news resources, product announcements, sample book chapters, and forums.
  • JADCentral - PointBase portal with news, forums, code, and downloads.
  • Java programming resources - Hints and resources for beginners and advanced programmers.
  • DevDaily Java Resources - Applet and tutorial directory, with news and links languages to other java resources.
  • - A resource site for the Java Community. Articles, languages examples, books and book reviews, forum, test center languages for Java certification, downloads, news.
  • - Review service of applets, applications, and JavaBeans.
  • jGuru - Customizable portal with online training, FAQs, regular news resources updates, and resources tutorials.
  • programmershelp: Java section - Collection of applets, applets, FAQs, and software resources.
  • JZ Ventures Java Links - Collection of applets, tutorials, code, and API documentation.
  • ITtoolbox Java - Portal with newswires, tutorials, large resource directory, events, languages and jobs.
  • - Article and resource collection.
  • Java Channel - Collaborative database of reviews about resources.
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