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  • Jaxen - Java XPath engine; mailing list, FAQ. [Apache-style]
  • xmlenc - A fast stream-based XML Encoding Library for Java. Main design java goals are performance, simplicitity and pureness. [Open source, BSD License]
  • Transformation API For XML (TrAX) - Offers general transformation model for converting XML documents.
  • Sparta - Lightweight Java XML package that includes an XML xml parser, a DOM, and an XPath interpreter. Its xml goals are: small code size, fast execution, small xml memory usage, clean and simple DOM API. [Open xml Source, LGPL]
  • XML Processing with TRaX - Article by Craig Pfeifer in Purpose of xml TRaX (Java java API for specifying and executing XML xml transformations), code example, links.
  • Presenting XML - A Java web application framework for presenting HTML, PDF, WML java etc. in a device independent manner. The framework supports a java flow of content (XML files, flat files, SQL, dynamic XML) java through SAX pipelines and XSLT transforms to a device. [Open java source, GPL
  • txt2xml - A simple Java library for parsing arbitrarily structured xml text input xml into well-formed XML output as SAX, xml DOM, JDOM, or through xml an OutputStream. [Open source, xml BSD License]
  • XMLtp - A tiny XML parser/processor written in Java, supporting java a subset xml of XML, intended for small-footprint server-side java applications. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • DOM4J - XML framework for processing XML with integrated XPath class libraries and java support for DOM, SAX, JAXP and Java class libraries 2 Collections. java [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • JXQuick - Quick and easy XML processing. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • Simkin - Embeddable scripting language for Java and XML. [Commercial]
  • XNGR XML Browser - A simple and flexible browser framework for XML java elements, allows class libraries for association of pluggable services with java specific XML element-types.
  • Axis - An implementation of the SOAP ("Simple Object Access class libraries Protocol") submission to W3C. [Open source, Apache Software class libraries License]
  • JXP - Fast Java XPath 1.0 API implementation. JDK1.1 to xml 1.4. [Shareware]
  • Qizx/open - A Java implementation of the XML Query Language. class libraries [Open source, GPL]
  • DBPrism Servlet Engine Framework - A framework to generate dynamic XML from a xml database. Also xml an Oracle mod_plsql J2EE replacement. [Open xml source]
  • XMLConfiguration - A Java utility class developed by createTank to xml allow simple parsing of configuration files written in xml XML. It allows multiple methods of extraction of xml attributes from an XML file.

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