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A pure Java implementation of the zlib data compression library and the package. [Open Source, slightly modified GPL]

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  • Java Tar - Tar archive handler creates, lists, and extracts TAR class libraries files. Supports gzipped tar files. Can be invoked class libraries either using its Java API, or from the class libraries command line. [Open Source, GPL]
  • CsvJdbc - Comma-separated value (CSV) file JDBC driver. [LGPL]
  • SAC: The Simple API for CSS - Beta software for parsing CSS (Level 1, 2 class libraries or java 3) stylesheets from the WWW Consortium (W3C). class libraries [Open Source, java BSD-like]
  • JZlib - A pure Java implementation of the zlib data compression library for ZIP and PNG. [Open Source, GPL]
  • BulletPrint HTML Printing for Java - Add high-speed HTML printing capabilities to Java code class libraries through data formats a simple API. [Commercial]
  • iText - Supports generation of PDF, RTF, and XML documents data formats [Open class libraries Source, MPL, LGPL]
  • Ricebridge CSV Manager - Read and write CSV files from within Java application. [Commercial]
  • Jericho HTML Parser - Java library for parsing and modifying HTML documents, data formats including java analysis of arbitrary HTML forms to determine data formats the structure java of submitted data. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Cross Translator - Data translator library for XML, EDI X12, EDIFACT, data formats flat file and database translation. Includes translation map data formats editor, command line tools, map runner, development SDK data formats for application integration. It comes with over 2000 data formats translation man templates. Support
  • Davisor Publishor - Uses Word template and XML data to publish data formats PDF, Word and HTML documents.
  • DOMJuan - A DOM Level 2 implementation. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) in Java - Java libraries to read and write files in Comma Separated data formats Value (CSV) format. [GPL]
  • HTMLParser - Library for parsing HTML, written in Java. [Open data formats source, LGPL]
  • OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI - Collection of Java programs to process EDI objects using an XML rules based file. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • Multivalent - Tools for compressing, uncompressing (for hand editing), obtaining metadata, splitting data formats and merging, encrypting and decrypting, validating, imposition (aka n-up), making data formats page images, extracting text, and full-text indexing (with Lucene) of data formats PDF, HTML and ot
  • EDI4J - An EDI parsing library using XML templates to define the structure of a character separated EDI file to parse EDI data to XML. [Open source, dual license: GPL or commercial]
  • Cobra HTML Toolkit - A pure Java HTML renderer and parser. It supports HTML 4, Javascript and CSS2.
  • JMIME ToolBuzz - A Java class library for parsing, generating, or java editing MIME data formats documents. Features a Document Object Model java for MIME. Also data formats includes base64 and q-p java encoding/decoding.
  • ini4j - A simple Java API for Windows .ini like data formats configuration file handling. It also provide Java Preferences data formats API functionality on top of .ini file. [Open data formats source]
  • jazzlib - A pure Java implementation of the zlib data data formats compression data formats library and the package. [Open Source, data formats slightly modified data formats GPL]
  • CsvToSql - A Java based configurable and expandible conversion tool class libraries and class libraries library. It convert CSV files to SQL class libraries statements.
  • Element Construction Set - Generates elements for various markup languages. Directly supports class libraries HTML 4.0 and XML, but can easily be class libraries extended to create tags for any markup language. class libraries [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • - Create several different kinds of barcodes to display java in a class libraries program or export to an image. java [Open Source, commercial]
  • SPSS Writer - A Java class library for generating SPSS files class libraries (*.sav). java It are completely written in pure Java. class libraries [Commercial]

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