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Provides an easy, open source database persistency framework for JavaScript objects. Enables runtime loading, saving, deleting, and listing of JavaScript objects stored on the server database.

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See Also:
  • NanoAjax - An open source AJAX (XMLHTTPRequest) framework with an frameworks object oriented ajax PHP Backend. Package multiple (virtual) requests frameworks in one real AJAX ajax request. Uses JSON for frameworks smallest data transfer.
  • WT Toolkit - Offers a framework to develop applications. Download, documentation and news frameworks pages.
  • Ext - Provides an AJAX library and UI components.
  • GWT Pleso - Provides a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces.
  • Direct Web Remoting - DWR - A Java open source library which helps developers ajax wanting to scripts write web sites that include AJAX ajax technology.
  • Saja - A lightweight AJAX framework for PHP allowing encrypted data to ajax be trasmitted over non-encrypted channels.
  • Jigsaw - A simple JavaScript framework for AJAX. Includes download, ajax brief overview, ajax and examples.
  • Ajaxdo - Provides an easy, open source database persistency framework scripts for JavaScript frameworks objects. Enables runtime loading, saving, deleting, scripts and listing of JavaScript frameworks objects stored on the scripts server database.
  • Anaa Framework - An AJAX API.
  • Linb Framework - Provides a framework designed to allow developers to ajax code in a more targeted, clear and efficient ajax manner.
  • Two Birds - Provides contact info, download area for framework and frameworks link to ajax technology prototype.
  • Feather Ajax - An easy-to-use light AJAX library
  • Google Web Toolkit - Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX frameworks applications like scripts Google Maps and Gmail easy for frameworks developers taking care of scripts browser and platform incompatibilities frameworks and modularity issues.
  • xWire Framework (AJAX Toolkit) - xWire is a mature, object-oriented, enterprise-class open source AJAX toolkit frameworks that contains numerous useful features and widgets.

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