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A collection of over 1,500 free and commercial Javascripts and applications, all searchable and arranged by category. Also includes books on Javascripts, articles, and other Javascript-related resources.

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Editor's Picks:

The JavaScript Source* - Hundreds of unique cut-and-paste scripts.

  • JS-Examples - Hundreds of free scripts and related links.
  • Web Part - Offers a list of Web 2.0 free scripts.
  • Phat Fusion - Provides a list of graphic scripts.
  • SimplytheBest DHTML Scripts and Javascripts - A large collection of selected DHTML scripts and JavaScripts.
  • Web Resource Center - Free ready to use javascripts, such as clocks, calendars, calculators, utilities and special effects.
  • JavaScript - Directory provides annotated, user-reviewed links to free and javascript commercial JavaScripts.
  • The JavaScript Files - Presenting a solid and powerful collection javascripts sorted by categories.
  • - A collection of cross-browser and IE4+ Javascripts.
  • :: JavaScripts - A collection of over 1,500 free and commercial collections Javascripts and collections applications, all searchable and arranged by collections category. Also includes books collections on Javascripts, articles, and collections other Javascript-related resources.
  • JavaScript Snippets - Cut & Paste JavaScript - The unusual JavaScript, CSS and DHTML examples.
  • - Useful scripts in several categories.
  • ITtoolbox JavaScript Code Exchange - A free service of ITtoolbox that allows to collections publish source scripts code for other IT professionals to collections download and use, and scripts to access source code collections submitted by other code authors.
  • Timothy's JavaScript Examples - A large collection of JavaScript examples.
  • - A free javascripts, counters, icons and menus. Professional website menus with special effects.
  • House Of Scripts - JavaScripts with demonstrations of uses. Some tips collections and links. Also ASP codes.
  • - JavaScript - Free Javascript scripts for developers and web designers. javascript Submit your own scripts, comment on and rate javascript existing scripts.
  • jsCode - Javascript scripts and techniques collection.
  • etLux's Free JavaScript Archive - A well-organized collection of free JavaScript scripts, tips, mini-tutorials.
  • Cut and Paste Java - Free JavaScripts directory.
  • - Dozens of free scripts that can add interactivity javascript to one\'s javascript site with cut-n-paste ease.
  • Louies Collection of Java scripts - A collection of java scripts that are Internet Explorer and scripts MSNTV compatible.
  • - JavaScript forums and hundreds of scripts and how-to scripts guides.
  • The JavaFILE - Over 600 free javascripts and java applets.
  • Propix JavaScripts - Some JS scripts. [Freeware and shareware]
  • A1 JavaScripts - Hundreds of cut-and-paste scripts in many useful categories.
  • CodeLifter - A collection of often hard-to-find JavaScripts and tips.
  • BlueShoes JavaScript Collection - JS widgets, classes and scripts to make user interface work like a windows application, including Treeview, Datepicker, Colorpicker, Slider, Wysiwyg Editor, SpreadSheet Editor. [Commercial]
  • PD Javascript Center - A collection of over 700 free javascripts. Sorted collections in 17 categories.
  • Rainbow Arch Scripts - Rainbow\\'s Script Library with an array of JavaScript functions for site development. [Freeware]
  • JavaScript Toolbox - Source files, examples, and concepts to prevent reinventing scripts them each collections time.
  • Sandeep's JavaScripts Page - Javascripts including clocks and timers, pop-ups, navigation, user javascript details, maths related.
  • Pagesbydave Javascript Library - Cut and paste javascripts collection.
  • - Remotely Hosted Javascripts - A collection of remotely hosted javascripts and interactive content for collections websites.
  • Top Javascripts - Provides a collection of free scripts to implement on a website.
  • 1F - Provides easy to use scripts all in one file.
  • Flooble Scripts - A number of highly original scripts designed to make any page be more alive and interactive. These are free and work in all browsers. New scripts monthly.
  • Scripts4all - Hundreds of free examples to cut and paste into your collections web pages.
  • Java Script - A collection of commercial Java Scripts for webmasters.
  • Javascript City - Free javascripts with copy and paste source codes scripts and working scripts examples.
  • SiteScripts - Javascripts - √≥ategorized collection of free and commercial javascripts.
  • JavaScript Download - JavaScript programs collection with screenshots, descriptions, system requirements, and download links.
  • : JavaScript - Directory of Javascripts. Also books and tutorials.
  • JavaScript Planet - Huge JavaScript site with over 370 free scripts.
  • Coding Library - Java Scripts - Misc. JS scripts in RAR-archives.
  • CodeFoot - Large and varied collection of original JavaScripts for scripts webmasters.
  • Kilowatt Software's WebLets - Sample JavaScript programs collection.

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